ID/CAC Card Processing

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Tel: (706) 545-4068
Tel: (706) 545-9085
Main Post Commissary Site
8150 Marne Road
Building #9230
Fort Benning, GA 31905
Not Provided
Fort Benning
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351964861:02 PM 6/20/16

The ID Card System is not working.

356866434:12 PM 11/25/16

Dual military card has expired!

359520752:52 AM 2/22/17

Need a ID CARD , LOST , 334-355-3301 NEED A APPT: TODAY ,RIGHT NOW ,,334_355_3301 SET ME UP A ,APPT::

360750802:15 PM 4/21/17

The whole ID process is unless. They don't answer the phones or put you on hold. I was on hold about 20 minutes. The woman who answer the phone didn't greed or anything. She was too busy making jokes to whomever in the background. Website won't let you make appointment.

162135054:42 PM 7/31/17

I have been trying for a week. Website not working and can't get person on the phone. This is so bad and not taking care of the soldiers and their family's

3486094112:23 AM 8/2/17

Although you have added another location to get ID, CAC card still the system is not working so well.

201785565:29 AM 8/2/17

The rapid schedule website isn't working. I've been trying to get on for over week. They won't let you make an appointment over the phone or walk in.

364171415:02 PM 10/10/17

This page don't work. I have been trying on every online site. I called the phone and left on message two times with no answer back.

365636658:54 PM 1/2/18

This system is ridiculous! I have been unable to reach anyone by the phone numbers listed, alhought the message states a 50 minute wait---which I have done 3 times. NEITHER website listed on this directory nor the one verbalized on the message when you call have been accessible for over two weeks. A trip on post just to make an appointment is an expense and physical burden I can ill afford. This is a Catch 22 of the worst magnitude for taxpayer dollars and former servicemen's blood.

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