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Moving to KTown need advice on electrical items

Posted by wtrucken at 2:23 PM 7/24/11

Hi I need to get advice on electrical items n voltage in Germany. I was told that using adapters to convert voltage ruins your items motor by one person n then told that items will be fine on the adapters. I have a Kirby vacuum cleaner that I don't want ruined as well as a Sony TV. We read up on manual for tv n it will not convert voltage so my husband wants to store it n buy a new one when we get to Germany. So any advice you have on Germany and electric conversion would be great. Or any other advice on the move, we r 3'weeks out n still no sponsor n going at this move blindsided.
Categories: Relocation

wtrucken 3:09 PM 7/24/11


28635828 6:17 PM 3/12/12

If I were that concerned about your vaccuum as you are, I agree with your husband. Store it with your TV and buy one when you get there. They aren't expensive so you won't be remorseful when leaving germany. Save the kirby. You have enough on your plate to worry about a vaccuum. Good Luck in Germany, you will love it!!!

christineeve 3:24 PM 3/26/12

Many of the on post facilities have 110 but the cycles are slower. What that means is that if you live on post you should be able to use your vacuum and TV. Your alarm clocks however will run slow. So, if you plan on living on post you should be able to use all your appliances that you love, like your KitchenAide mixer, microwave, etc. But, your alarm clocks you'll want to buy there in Germany at the PX. If you live off post, you can rent or buy converters and use your appliances. It will be fine to bring your stuff with you. Love the Kirby!!!! You will have a blast! Best wishes!

christineeve 3:24 PM 3/26/12

"Why don't you contact your base's information officer..." What the flip do you think forums are for? Because we have forums to ask other spouses and military people so we don't have to get up in the middle of the night and sit on hold. Sheesh.

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