Veterinary Services

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Tel: (302) 677-5252
643 Atlantic Avenue
Dover Air Force Base, DE 19902-0000
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Dover Air Force Base
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Neocryothan5:47 AM 8/18/2012

Do not go to this clinic if you want to keep your dogs. My wife and I were in the process of PCSing and asked the vet what was needed to get the dogs ready. We had everything in place but our male was too heavy to fly per A/C regulations. So being responsible pet owners who did not want to abandon our pets my wife decided to stay behind a month and a half longer so he could lose the weight slowly, and to top it off she had been visiting the vet every week to make sure he is still healthy. About a month and a week into trying to get my male to lose weight my wife goes back to the vet to make sure he is still healthy, and yes we changed his diet and have been giving him more exercise (and he is now light enough to fly). When she was there the vet asked for our address so she could send the certification that he is up to date on all health and vaccine standards for Europe. That same day my wife had a visit from the local ANIMAL CONTROL that someone called in a tip that we were ABUSING our two dogs. That's right, not just our male. BUT A CALL THAT WE WERE ABUSING BOTH OF OUR DOGS. I do not apreciate this at all. We go to the vet to make sure that while in the process of our male losing weight he is still healthy, and if the vet has any concerns he could tell us face to face. PEOPLE DO NOT GO TO A VET BECAUSE THEY ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS. THEY GO BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEIR PETS AND WANT TO ASK THE """"EXPERTS"""" IF THEIR PETS ARE HEALTHY AND HAPPY. The Veterinary clinic on base fails to understand this. So if you want to keep your pets go to a different clinic. Oh P.S. The animal control who visited us saw no cause for concern in either of our dogs and they looked healthy.

hd08294:50 PM 9/5/2012

You comment "someone called in a tip that we were ABUSING our two dogs." What makes you think it was the VET CLINIC who called Animal Control? You can't blame the Clinic!!!!

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