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10,000,000 has 10 million members.

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Life is Short. Work@Monster.

A zeal to win. A zest for Life. A company for you.

The culture at Monster is all about being first, being fast and being out front. You've seen our high-energy, high-impact TV ads. You've seen our leading edge, industry-defining website. Perhaps you have even seen our Founder, Jeff Taylor, water-skiing behind our Monster blimp, setting a new world record in the process. At Monster, we believe in encouraging and supporting all of our employees to live their careers and lives to the fullest.

From day one you'll notice a Monster difference. You'll see people challenging themselves, and questioning conventional thinking to contribute innovative ideas. You'll lead a brainstorming session, eat lunch and play Ping-Pong or foosball in our rec area. But most of all, you'll see an entire company of people committed to owning a marketplace, making their mark and making the most of every day.

Life is short. Work at Monster. Today's the day.

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