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The military affords you access to many discounts and deals. You just need to know where to look. For instance if you use your military id, you can save money on airfare, lodging and other vacation expenses.

Here are other vacation expenses, reports MilitaryMoney.com, that you can save money on using your Military ID:

  • Military lodges or temporary housing. You can expect to spend more than $100 per night at a hotel room in virtually any major metropolitan area. So before you make your reservation, call the temporary lodging facility at a nearby military installation to check room availability. Reservations for many of these rooms are available for less than $100 per night, and many of the rooms include kitchen facilities that can help save money on meals. Information on temporary lodging can be found on the installation website. Additionally, Military Travel Guide USA, published by Military Living and found in most military exchanges, lists phone numbers and websites for temporary lodging facilities in the United States.
  • ITT (Information, Tickets and Tours) office. Do you want to visit the local zoo or amusement park? Maybe you'd like to go to the movies. Before paying full price at the ticket counter, visit the ITT office on your installation. Many ITT or entertainment offices are located near the exchange or in the installation recreation center, and they offer discounted tickets to museums, parks, concerts, movies and more.
  • Military appreciation days. As a show of appreciation for your service, many amusement parks offer military days that grant free admission or deeply discounted rates. In recent years, for example, Anheuser-Busch theme parks (Sea World, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place) have offered one free admission per year for any military member and up to three dependents. Check the website for the park you plan to visit, or visit your ITT office for special offers.
  • Space-A travel. If you are flexible on the dates you can travel, some military personnel and family members can fly nearly free by traveling "space available," or "Space-A," using seats left on military aircraft after official duty travelers and cargo are accommodated. For information on Space-A travel, visit www.military.com or get a copy of Military Living's Military Space-A Air Travel Guide.
  • Armed Forces Recreation Center. Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) are affordable joint service hotels/resorts managed by the U.S. Army to provide vacation opportunities to servicemembers and their families. Centers are located in Hawaii, Florida, Germany and Korea. For information, visit www.armymwr.com/portal/travel/recreationcenters. Additionally, each service branch maintains local recreation areas for military personnel. Information on local retreats can be found on your installation website or ITT office.
  • Armed Forces Vacation Club. The Armed Forces Vacation Club arranges low military-only rates worldwide at more than 3,500 hotels, resorts and campgrounds; five cruise lines; air fare; rental cars and more. Visit its website at www.afvclub.com.

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