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(04/01/2015 - 04/01/2015)
Annual NCB- 40 / NMCB- 40 Reunion

(04/01/2015 - 04/01/2015)
NMCB- 40
NMCB- 40 holds an annual reunion at various locations through out the USA. Use contact info to find out about this year's reunion. Hope to see you there?

(04/13/2015 - 04/17/2015)
VS-29 All Hands Reunion 2015
Go to vs29.org and check out the 2015 All Hands Reunion info. John McCorquodale AX3 1965- 1968

(04/17/2015 - 04/20/2015)
Great time! Come on out and frieng your "40" buddies!

(04/20/2015 - 04/23/2015)
USS John Marshall SSBN/SSN-611 April 2015
The next John Marshall SSBN/SSN-611 reunion will be held Monday, April 20 through Thursday, April 23, 2015 in Cape Canaveral, FL in conjunction with the 2015 USSVI (US Submarine Veterans Inc) Southeast Regional Conference (SRC).

(04/20/2015 - 04/24/2015)
USS Aucilla(AO-56) Associatiion
All hands who ever served aboard the USS Aucilla (AO-56) at any time are invited to attend along with your family and friends. Come meet old friends and meet new ones.

(04/23/2015 - 04/25/2015)
Midway Veterans Association 2015 Reunion
Please visit the Midway Veterans Association's website for all the details regarding the MVA 2015 Reunion in the final berthing place of the great USS Midway; sunny San Diego! Join us! www.ussmidway.net

(04/23/2015 - 04/25/2015)
Midway Veterans Association Reunion 2015
Dear Midway veterans, family members and friends; the USS Midway Veterans Association (MVA) is proud to announce that Captain Larry Ernst (Commanding Officer USS Midway 1991-92) has graciously accepted our invitation to be our honored guest and keynote speaker for the 2015 USS Midway Veterans Association Reunion in San Diego (April 23-25, 2015). In addition, Captain John Schork, Executive Officer USS Midway, 1991-92 and CDR. Val Jensen, CHC, USS Midway, 1992, have advised us that they are going to do their very best to join Captain Ernst for the reunion. As Midway?s 40th and last Commanding Officer, Captain Ernst was at the helm for several important missions: the rescue of some 5,000 refugees from the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption in the Philippines; he brought Midway home from Yokosuka, Japan, where she had served for 18 years as America's ?Tip of the Sword; and he led the decommissioning of the ship and presided over her decommissioning ceremony, in San Diego, on April 11, 1992. Larry Ernst compiled an impressive record over the course of his 27 year career in the Navy? from flying 136 combat missions in Vietnam, to serving as a Top Gun pilot and instructor, to serving as the XO of the USS Constellation?and, of course, as the Captain of USS Midway. The following link provides a good summary of his record and accomplishments as a naval aviator and leader: http://www.epnaao.com/BIOS_files/REGULARS/Ernst- Larry.pdf

(04/22/2015 - 04/26/2015)
Magoffin All Crews 1944-1967

(04/23/2015 - 04/26/2015)
Conserver Reunion 2015
Hotel Rates: Thu $99 +13.5% tax Fri-Sat $159 + 13.5% tax Buffet Style dinner, ($25-30) date selection in process See www.conserver.org for updates

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