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(05/05/2016 - 05/08/2016)
8th TDCS/ 8th ACCS
AC ACP/ABNCP/TDCA (Det 2, 4500 Support Sq/8 ACCS/8 TDCS) Reunion *8th SW

(05/05/2016 - 05/08/2016)
The 8th Reunion
AC ACP/ABNCP/TDCA (Det 2, 4500 Support Sq/8 ACCS/8 TDCS) Reunion 8th SW

(05/13/2016 - 05/15/2016)
Wheelus Air Base ex-Servicemen/women's Reunion
This is the 3rd Annual Reunion for any personnel stationed at Wheelus Air Base, Tripoli, Libya between 1945-1970. Please contact me if interested in receiving the information for the reunion.

(05/13/2016 - 05/16/2016)
samsun seniors
we welcome any air force security service personnel that served in Turkey in the 1960s. This will be the third reunion of Samsun Seniors.email me at bruce.chamberlain@ comcast.net

(05/21/2016 - 05/21/2016)
Fighten 43rd Aerial Port Sq

(05/21/2016 - 05/21/2016)
43rd Aerial Port Squadron
Members are coming from Montana, South Carolina, and Nevada. They are coming from San Antonio, Waco, Houston as well as the Austin area. We have 16 YES, 6 maybes, 2 can not make it. This makes 24 who have responded. They are many who have received the information but have not yet let us know if they can make it. Folks that I have spoken seem excited to attend and see everyone Please respond as soon as you know if you will make it. Call all your friends who were in the 43rd and encourage them to come with you On May 21, 2016 Saturday 300 VFW Road Austin Texas We start about 2 and go till!! We can go to dinner as a group if you would like. We have a room set aside locally. Please bring snack foods if you are local. All beverages of all kinds will be purchased at the VFW bar. I hope to see a great many of you! Mike Denney, 43 APS

(05/24/2016 - 05/26/2016)
4th MOB Roadrunners Association Reunion
This will be the 14th Reunion of the 4th MOB Roadrunner's Association.

(06/03/2016 - 06/06/2016)
48th tac hospital RAF Lakenheath
More information to follow. Send your comments to me ASAP with a yes or no if attending

(06/08/2016 - 06/12/2016)
6th Weather Squadron Alumni Association
We welcome all past 6th Weather Sq members regardless of the time you served in the 6th

(06/15/2016 - 06/17/2016)
55th & 58th WRS Reunion 2016
This will be our 16th straight Reunion Come join us. We promise you a great time.

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