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USS Durham LKA 114 in Subic Bay. Philippines 1970

Service: Navy
Unit Name: USS Durham - LKA 114
Date: Jun 09, 2011 - Jan 12, 2011
Place: TBD
City: San Diego
State: CA
Person to Contact: Plankowner Greg Yung
Web Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gi
Phone: 612-282-7834
Comments: USS Durham LKA 114 Ships Company from pre commissioning through the February 25, 1994 decommission, We will try to keep USS Durham related web sites updated but check out Facebook too. Facebook has a USS Durham sight to stay updated: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137181260044&v=wall I need a little information from you in order to interface with a venue for our 2011 reunion site in the San Diego area. First & foremost, We have talked about favorable months and they are all favorable in one respect or another. San Diego has great weather year round. There has been discussion about a March April time frame for the Snow Birds to experience an early winter break but then again many of the ships company from the later years my have children still in school. if we held it sometime between mid June through July (staying away from the 4th of July weekend) in a 4 day weekend time frame, how many of you would like to get together -- and -- really try to make the happening? I'm looking for a realistic ballpark number, no commitments at this time, but this reunion would be for you -- of major interest and one of your top destination priorities in 2011. Count yourself as one and add one for spouse or significant other. More information following, Fair Winds & Following Seas, Durham Plankowner, Greg
Posted by: Greg Yung

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