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Military.com Equipment Guide

For a variety of photographs and images of military hardware in action, be sure to see the new Equipment Guide. Many images are suitable for wallpaper.


DefenseLink: Photos - The US Department of Defense provides current news photos in addition to an organized archive of photos going back to 1995.
The Defense Picture Library - Peruse this archive of stock photos featuring America's military allies from Great Britain.
Grunts.net Photo Album - View military men and women in action during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and Bosnia.
Luke's Military Graphics - Collection covers various aspects of the military, including equipment, troops, and generals.
Military Stock Photography - Download images of Green Berets, US Marines, Navy SEALs, parachute operations, electronic warfare, and military families.
PhotoValet Military Photos - Check out an extensive photo archive of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as visual chronicles of military damage.

USMC Image Archive - Project requests that Marines submit their photographs for inclusion and offers a wealth of visuals exploring the facets of a Marine's life.


Ghosts Online - Contains photographs, images, and a screensaver for vintage World War II aircraft.
Historical Art Prints - Browse through a collection of artistic interpretations of the Civil War and find out how to place an order.
Military History Institute Photos - Discover a collection of photos that explores every major conflict involving the US military.
Naval Historical Center Photos - Take a trip through time with this collection of historical naval photos.
Photos of the Great War - Locate thousands of photos of commanders, troops, equipment, and animals during World War I.
RonMon's Tarmac - Photo essay provides snapshots of a B-17 in action during WWII.
Sgt. William Heller's WWII Memoirs - Find images in the personal collection of a soldier who fought with the 3rd Infantry Division.
Vietnam Interactive Portfolio - Scan through a poignant and unconventional collection of photographs from the Vietnam War.
Vietnam War Internet Project - Find images of artillery, ground vehicles, people, insignias, and aircraft from the war.
World War II Poster Database - Northwestern University delivers a comprehensive collection of propaganda images from the war.


Army Artwork & Images - Official Army site offers an archive of historic photos and the artwork of service members.
Go Army Downloads - Official Army recruiting site offers screen savers and views of soldiers, vehicles and aircraft.
US Army Signal Corps Photo Collection - Features a keyword-searchable collection of images from World War II, courtesy of the Library of Virginia.

Navy and Coast Guard

Image Libary @ Fred's Place - Contains images of Coast Guard personnel, equipment, patches and lighters.
Navsource Photos
- Access the gallery hailed as the most comprehensive of US Warships on the internet.

Aircraft/Air Force

Aces High - Doyle R Buehler offers an extensive collection of aviation photographs, along with stock footage and aviation tips.
The Aero Images Military Library - Resource for aircraft photos spotlights its collection of military images.
Air Force Images - US Air Force gives an organized collection of photos featuring aircraft, people, and operations.
Air National Guard Photo Index - Serves up a collection of photographs from Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Shield, WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.
Eagles Above Image Gallery - Offers a collection of aircraft images, along with a selection of video clips.
Extreme Air Machines - Find a collection of images and video clips for NATO and Eastern Bloc aircraft.
ICS Dept. of Computer Sciences - Image gallery provides a variety of photographs of American and allied aircraft.
The Military Aircraft Archive - Observe the progress of aircraft technology from World War I through modern times.
Military Aircraft Photos - See images of fighters and bombers from the US, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.
Military Aircrafts Gallery - View images of military aircraft from several countries, including: the US, Russia, Israel, France, China, and Great Britain.
Military Plane Library - View this gallery of military aircraft and weapons from the US and Europe, as well as visual information on the most recent types of aircraft.
Orion's Military Aircraft Photos - Military enthusiast delivers an impressive photo collection of modern aircraft.
Pappa Mike's Military Aviation Images - Haven for aviation enthusiasts showcases its photos of military aircraft.
Buggage's WWII Aviation Photo Archive
Well-designed site features photos of the B-26 Marauder.

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