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U.S. Marine Corps Medals
U.S. Marine Corps Medals

Find U.S. Marine Corps medals, miniatures, ribbons, lapel and hat pins from 1939 to the present.

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Marine Link - Official information source for the U.S. Marine Corps showcases news and bios on high-ranking officers.

Marine OnLine - Resource for individual personnel records and documentation. Active duty, Reserve, Active Reserve, Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) and Retired Marines can sign up.

The Few.com
- Virtual community serves all active, veteran, reserve, and retired Marine Corps members, along with their families and friends.

Navy Knowledge Online - Available to the Navy and Marine Corps: Active, Reserve, Civil Service, Delayed Entry Personnel, Naval Academy Midshipmen, Retired, and Retired Reserve.

Marine Corps Unit Directory - All commands and units are organized alphabetically.

Marine Forces Reserve - Read the latest news stories, and access e-mail accounts, training courses, career information and more.

LIFELines - Network for Marine, Navy and Coast Guard personnel offers information on command and community support services, news, and multimedia broadcasts.

Marine Corps Community Services - Aids Marines and their families worldwide. Find out about personnel benefits, family help programs and other support services.

Marine Corps Expeditionary Units - Link to individual units, or get a full background MEU organization and history.

Marine Corps History and Museums Division - Dive into the rich history of the U.S. Marine Corps with photo galleries, articles, retrospectives and event updates.

Marines Corps League Listings - Find links to Marine Corps League headquarters around the nation.

Marine Corps Reserve Officer's Association - Learn about an organization that's committed to the interests of the Marine Reserve Officer Community.

Marine Corps Wives Website - Provides a comprehensive index of FAQs, Marine Corps regulations, and service related links.

Marine Forces of the World
- Link to counterpart Marine Corps around the globe, from Croatia to Vietnam.

Women Marines Association - Non-profit association is dedicated to preserving the contributions and history of women in the Marine Corps.

Young Marines Listings - Find links to Young Marines headquarters around the nation.

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