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Kevlar Infantry Helmet

This standard-issue helmet for the US Forces provides excellent protection from fragmentation and certain small arms projectiles.

Foreign Service Links - Australia


CountryWatch - Furnishes a descriptive and statistical overview of the country's geography, history and population. View recent economic data
The Australian Army
- Official Internet home for the Australian Army includes information on recruiting and current events.
Royal Australian Air Force - Offers aircraft information, detailed squadron histories, and profiles of the Air Force leadership. Includes extensive links to related information.
Royal Australian Navy - View photographs of the Australian fleet, examine a detailed history, and access a personnel contact directory. Also presents recruitment brochures.
Australian Defense Organisation - Australian Department of Defense resource provides links to this country's military branches, as well as organization and policy documents.
Department of Veterans' Affairs (Australia) - Information hub for ANZAC veterans presents a media section, and details on activities and services.
Australian Defense Force Academy - Check out course descriptions, a campus map and admissions requirements for this academy located in Canberra.
Maritime Patrol Group - Group under the control of the Air Force is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Lockheed P-3C Orion aircraft.
Australian Defense Force Warfare Center - Features details about ADFWC military exercises and training programs. Includes a staff contact directory and plans for development.
Ausvets - Provides resources for veterans along with a detailed history of Australia's military involvements. View video footage dating back to WWI.
Australia Special Weapons News - FAS - Peruse an archive of articles related to Australia's weapons programs, and learn about the country's security and intelligence agencies.

CountryWatch - Resource provides data on the country's economic activity, population demographics and environmental issues. Includes a historical overview.
Ministry of Defense
- Find an overview of this country's defense policies, press releases, FAQs, and links to military branches.
New Zealand's Army - Official Website includes military history archives, activity updates, operation overviews and related links.
The Royal New Zealand Navy - Peruse guides on this military branch's history and current operations. Includes a naval reserve overview.
Royal New Zealand Air Force - Learn about events at the country's air bases and read press releases about upcoming exercises. Also find a mission statement and an aircraft photo gallery.
Royal New Zealand Corps of Transport Association - Site for former New Zealand servicemembers includes a bulletin board, photo album, membership details, and related military links.
UN East Timor Mission - Details New Zealand's involvement with the UN mission in East Timor. Find an article archive and background guides.

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