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ArmyLink News - Browse news stories, releases and speeches.
Army Promotions - Offers updates on recent promotions within the Active Duty and Reserve ranks.
Soldiers - Online version of Army magazine is updated monthly.
Hometown Link - Army and Air Force service provides print, radio and video news stories.
Soldier's Radio and TV - Sample radio and video clips of Army-related news stories.
Hot Topics - Publication offers Army leaders and trainers articles on controversial topics.
USTRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Air Force

Air Force News- Browse official news releases and commentary, and tune in to radio and video broadcasts.
Air Force Promotions (Enlisted) - Find promotion updates and details on promotion rates.
Air Force Promotions (Officer) - Bulletin is regularly updated with promotion and board information.
Base News - Directory features links to online versions of base newspapers.
Air Force Link Plus - Broadband streaming newscast presents daily television and radio reports.
Airman Magazine - Air Force News Agency publication is updated monthly.
AFPC News Service - Browse Air Force Personnel Command news releases.
USTRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Coast Guard

USCG Official News - Peruse regional news, statistics and special features.
Announcements (Fred's Place) - Browse a constantly updated database of Coast Guard announcements.
Coast Guard Magazine - Monthly publication offers news, features and a past issue archive.
Marine Safety Newsletter - Features a calendar of events, project updates and articles on the environment.
Coast Guard Reservist - Find a bulletin board, commentary and Reserve news in this bimonthly publication.


Navy News - Navy Office of Information in Washington, D.C. features special reports.
Navy Promotions - Keeps track of the latest promotions and transfers on the Active Duty and Reserve levels.
Navy News Service - Provides current and past news releases in downloadable formats.
All Hands - Monthly magazine offers news wire services and a media center.
Shift Colors - Quarterly newsletter for Navy Retirees features an issue archive.
Link - Enlisted bulletin of the USN provides information on policy changes, career management issues, reassignment trends and retention matters.
Perspective - Professional bulletin focuses on the Navy officer community.
NAVADMINS - Navy administrative message system is regularly updated with policy and award information.
ALLNAVS - All-Navy bulletins include announcements of important events and regulation changes.
Navy Directives - Allows access to official directives and forms.
United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Marine Corps
MarineLink- Peruse Marine news releases and official announcements.
Marine Corps Promotions - Stay abreast of recent promotions.
Marines - Newswire service presents an archive of past issues.
ALMARS - Board features a chronological listing of notices.
MARADMINS - Search a database of Marine administrative messages and announcements.
Marine Corps Orders and Directives - Regulations are organized by category.

DoD / U.S. Government

Defenselink - Official Department of Defense (DOD) Website features news, reports and related links.
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service presents press releases in chronological order.
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency offers an archive of press statements and releases.
NSA - National Security Agency index includes briefings and declassified documents.


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