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West Point Atlas Of Major Conflicts
West Point Atlas: World War I

The United States Military Academy at West Point and present historical maps covering the strategic, miscellaneous and peripheral aspects of World War I. To view maps on particular areas and events, click on the topic of interest below. Icons under each category indicate events or troop movements which are displayed as separate maps under the main category.

Strategic Maps Peripheral Operations & Miscellaneous
On The Eve of War
: 1914

The World: 1914

War Plans
The Western Front

The Eastern Front

Eastern and Central Europe

Armistice & Beyond
: Post-WWI

The World: 1919

Ottoman Empire & Turkish Rail System

Lower Mesopotamia, I

    Anglo-Indian Inavasion, 1914

Lower Mesopotamia, II

    Situation: 31 July, 1915
    Operations Since January, 1915

Lower Mesopotamia, III

 1st Advance on Baghdad
    July-November, 1915
 1st Battle of Kut (28 September, 1915)
 2nd Battle of Kut (22 February, 1917)

The Dardanelles Campaign

 Defenses of the Straits
    (February-March, 1915)
 Landings at Gallipoli (April, 1915)
    Turkish Dispositions
    Allied Landing Plans

Battle of Jutland

 Movements (30-31 May, 1916)
    (July-November, 1915
 Battle Cruiser Action
    1530-1730 Hours: 31 May, 1916
 Main Engagement
    1730-2100 Hours: 31 May, 1916

Egypt & Palestine Campaign

    Canal Defenses
    1st Battle of Gaza (26 March, 1917)

Operations in Palestine
, Fall 1917
    3rd Battle of Gaza
    Capture of Jerusalem

Battle of Megiddo

Dispositions and Order of Battle
    (19 September, 1918)
 Situation: 19-25 September, 1918
    Pursuit to Damascus


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