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West Point Atlas - Vietnam
West Point Atlas: Vietnam

The United States Military Academy at West Point and present strategic and historical maps covering major troop movements and clashes in the Vietnam Era. To view maps on particular areas and events, click on the topic of interest below.

The Early Stages: 1954-1967

Indochina (1954)

Battle of Ap Bac (1963)

Enemy Situation (Early 1964)

NVA Plan (1965)

Ia Drang - Opening Moves (1965)

Battle of the Ia Drang (1965)

Operation CEDAR FALLS (1967)
TET and Afterwards: 1968-1975

TET Offensive (1968)

South Vietnam (Cambodia), 1970

South Vietnam - LAM SON 719 (1971)

NVA Spring Offensive (1972)

Final Days (1975)
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