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West Point Atlas - Korean War
West Point Atlas: The Korean War

The United States Military Academy at West Point and present strategic and historical maps covering major troop movements and clashes in the Korean War. To view maps on particular areas and events, click on the topic of interest below. Icons under each category indicate events or troop movements which are displayed as separate maps under the main category.

The Early Stages: 1950 The Late Stages: 1951-1953

South Korea: UN Delay, Withdrawal and Defense
Situation: 5 August 1950
Operations Since 25 June

Taegu Pusan Area: Situation and Defense
    (Summer-Fall, 1950)

South Korea: UN Offensive
Situation: 26 August 1950
Operations Since 15 September 1950

North Korea: Advance to the Yalu River and Chinese Counterattack
Situation 26 October 1950
Operations Since 7 October 1950

North Korea: UN Advance to the Yalu River
Situation 24 November 1950
Front Changes Since 26 October 1950

North Korea: Chinese Communist Offensive
Situation 5 December 1950
Operations From 26 November
    to 15 December 1950

South Korea: Second Invasion
Situation 24 January 1951
Operations Since 31 December 1950)

South Korea: UN Counteroffensive
Situation 22 April 1951
Operations Since 25 January 1951)

Chip'Yong-Ni and Operation Ripper
Chip'Yong-Ni: 13-14 February 1951
Operation Ripper: 6-31 March 1951

Central Korea: Communist Spring Offensive, First Impulse
Situation 30 April 1951
Operations Since 22 April 1951

Central Korea: Communist Spring Offensive, Second Impulse
Situation 20 May 1951
Operations Since 14 May 1951)

Central Korea: UN Offensive
Situation 27 November 1951
Operations Since 23 May 1951

Central Korea: Stalemate
    (November 1951-July 1953)

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