Yokosuka Naval Base


Japan is located off the east coast of the Asian Continent. The time zone is called Japan Standard Time. All times listed in this SITES Guide are in Japan Standard Time. Please refer to the Time Zone Chart in the Local Community Section of this SITES Guide to assist you in conversion from your local time.

Yokosuka City is located about 50 km (30 miles) southwest of Japan's capital city, Tokyo, on the east coast of the main island, Honshu. It is an industrial and residential community, covering 100.58 square kilometers (39 square miles), with a population of about 429,152 (as of February 1, 1998).

Fleet Activities Yokosuka is a 579 acre naval base occupying a small peninsula jutting into Tokyo Bay. An Ordnance Facility in nearby Urago, and off-base housing areas at Negishi and Ikego comprise another 850 acres of U.S. facilities.

As the home of the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet, the Base, often referred to as CFAY (Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka), hosts 13 afloat commands and more than 50 other shore commands and tenant activities. CFAY's primary mission is to provide support services to forward deployed naval forces in Yokosuka, and other units assigned in the Western Pacific. Yokosuka Sailors take pride in setting the standard of "SERVICE TO THE FLEET" for the rest of the Navy.

Our role as ambassadors to Japan is something we take equally seriously. As residents of a joint-use naval base, and with almost 50 percent of our active duty and civilian population living off-base, we strive on a daily basis to improve the strength and quality of our ties to our host nation.

Please refer to the Major Unit Listing section in this topic for the addresses, POC's, phone and fax numbers of Yokosuka's major commands. Contact information for CFAY and Family Service Center is contained in the Record Listing for this overview and in the Must Know Items topic.

NAME: Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka
ADDRESS: PSC 473 Box 1 Code 013
STATE: AP ZIP: 96349
TELEPHONE: 011-81-311-743-5077
FAX: 011-81-311-743-7261
COMMENTS: DSN numbers for the CFAY PAO are: Phone.....243-5077 FAX.......243-7911 CFAY PAO can be reached by e-mail at: C013@cfay-emh.yoko.mrms.navy.mil


Unless otherwise specified, the directory phone numbers in the Record Listings below are DSN. To direct dial any base phone number from the United States, dial as follows: (*note: xxxxx = the last 5 digits of the DSN #)

Yokosuka & Hakozaki. : 011-81-311-74-xxxxx
Negishi & Koshiba... : 011-81-311-74-xxxxx
Ikego Housing........: 011-81-311-74-xxxxx

To dial any base phone number on a DSN line, the prefixes are as follows:

Yokosuka.............: 243-xxxx (Some numbers for Yokosuka housing units begin with 241).
Yokohama (Negishi)...: 242-xxxx
Ikego................: 246-xxxx

When calling from off-base, within Japan, dial the Base Switchboard as follows:
Yokosuka Operator...: 0468-21-1911 (give the operator the location and number)
Yokosuka Direct.... : 0468-21-1910 (From TouchTone phones; dial the full 7-digit base number)

Navy Lodge
POC Duty Manager
Commercial .011-81-311-743-6708
DSN: 243-6708


The phone and fax numbers in this listing are all UNCLASSIFIED. If an afloat unit is not in port, please contact one of the following activities for information:

USS Independence/USS Kitty Hawk Family Assistance Team
011-81-311-743-5770 (commercial) or 243-5770 (DSN)

Naval Surface Forces Pacific Fleet Family Assistance Team
011-81-311-743-5840 (commercial) or 243-5840 (DSN)

Family Service Center Relocation Assistance Program Specialist
011-81-311-743-7664 (commercial) or 243-7664 (DSN)