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Go For It: Part 2a - The ASVAB
Go For It
Part 2a: The ASVAB

Recruits concentrating hard as they take the ASVAB.
September 3, 2003

I won't reveal my real name. Just call me "Jerry." This is part 2a of my run-through of experiences with the enlistment process. Here I'll talk about testing - the ASVAB.

You probably know by now that the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is the basic aptitude test for the military. They want to test your mental capacities to see what jobs you qualify for! Naturally, the better you do on the ASVAB, the more opportunities you will have. Therefore, it is important that you study, and that you hit the sack early the night before!

The two important sections are verbal and math - I can't remember the exact titles of these sections. There are several other sections such as automotive technology and electronics. You should find out BEFOREHAND whether or not these sections will be important in qualifying you for your hopeful MOS/AFSC/Rating - if they are, study up!
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Usually, recruiters will have given you a pre-test when you first talked, so you'll know your strengths and weaknesses. All I can say is study beforehand. The questions are all multiple choice and given on a computer. They stagger the testing; a few people enter the room and begin, then five minutes later a few more people start, etc. Just remember to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS - if you press the wrong key, for example, they will kick you out of the test! There is a time limit to each section as well - work calmly but quickly. The questions are scaled in difficulty - some easy, some medium, some hard. Very rarely does anyone get a perfect score, so if you're stumped on a question, MOVE ON. It also helps to make a realistic assessment BEFORE you take the ASVAB of what score you will get and therefore, what jobs you will qualify for. Don't waste your time getting your hopes up for a MOS/AFSC/Rating you can't get!

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