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Considering Serving Again?


Wether driven by a desire to fight terrorism, a passion for being a part of the world’s strongest military or the lure of big cash bonuses, veterans who once separated from the military are now finding their way back into the military ranks in record numbers.

If you are interested in re-joining you should know that it is usually not as simple as just signinng on the dotted line. Depending on the length of time you were away from service, you may be a bit rusty. Thankfully you won't be expected to go through the nine weeks of boot camp all over again. As a prior-service member you will attend the Army's four-week "Warrior Transition Course." This crash course on military knowledge, skills, and fitness is designed to prepare you for service in less than half the time of regular Basic Training.

The Warrior Transition Course will help you quickly learn or review Army traditions, ranks, equipment, and hone your combat skills to ensure that you are ready to re-join your fellow soldiers.

Note: According to the Army you must have more than 180 days of military service or graduate from military job training - regardless of time-in-service - to qualify as a prior-service member.

You should also know that the Army is currently offering up to $20,000 in cash bonuses and other incentives for re-joining or transferring from another service. These bonuses and incentives vary depending on your prior-service experience and training. An Army Prior-Service Recruiter can give you the latest information on bonuses and incentives.

If you are considering the serving again in the Army or Army Reserve, the following tips will help ensure your success:

  • Fitness - Ask an Army Recruiter about the latest physical fitness requirements. Make sure that you can pass the sit-ups, push-ups and two mile run requirements before you leave for the 4-week Warrior Transition Course .
  • If you wait until you get there to become physically fit, you will be too late.

  • Paperwork - Make sure you take a copy of your DD Form 214 Discharge Certificate when you visit your recruiter.  This will help him or her quickly determine your eligibility.

  • Research - Do your research and find out exactly what to expect from the Warrior Transition Course.  An Army Prior-Service Recruiter can give you the most up to date information on the course.

  • Smartbook - If you who attended Army basic training in the past and still have your Smartbook, take a few minutes to review it.

  • Emotion - Don’t enlist based on emotion alone, weigh your options carefully before committing to serve again.

If you are interested in learning more about your prior-service options, a Prior-service Army Recruiter can help you explore your career options, bonuses, and opportunities in the Army or Army Reserve.

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