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John Shields: Veterans Unite
John Shields: Veterans Unite


About the Author

A native of Indiana, John Shields' career includes work in education, business and industry, management consulting. He is also a published writer / photographer and lecturer.

As a professor and head basketball coach at Purdue University Calumet in the late 1960's, Shields' office was located in the Armory of the Indiana Army National Guard 376th Engineering Company. For six years, in addition to his teaching and coaching duties, Shields worked closely with Army National Guard personnel.

Later, Shields was appointed Dean of Admissions at Culver Military Academy. During his Culver tenure, Shields worked closely with many active and retired military personnel from all branches of service. He became involved with Culver's JROTC program and was associated with military personnel from the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force, along with military officers representing various foreign services.

While at Culver, Shields spent time at the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy and the Citadel. 

Later, his son was in his final Para Rescue training phase at Kirtland AFB when he suffered a career-ending fractured leg. He also has a nephew who graduated from the Canadian Military Academy and is now a Captain in the Canadian Army.

Shields has a unique prospective of the military, having worked as a civilian hand-in-glove with military people most of his working life.

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July 28, 2005

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Well folks, here we go again … Jane Fonda is up to her old tricks.

This time her proposed “anti-war tour” might serve two purposes. I believe the tour is her attempt to stir up internal conflict when we need a unified populace against terrorists who want to destroy our western civilization, as we know it. And I also suspect Fonda feels that an anti-war tour will help sell her latest book.

If you read my article about “Sedition,” you know that I think Jane Fonda committed serious acts of treason during the Vietnam War. Fonda caused U.S. and allied troops harm or death with her overt and much publicized actions when visiting North Vietnam. Following that, she returned to the United States and organized marches and demonstrations to ridicule our warriors. It's hard for me to believe that anyone could commit those acts of treason and not be subject to prosecution. This in my view was a travesty of justice. And now she has the guts to do it again.

It's now time for Vietnam vets and vets who served in both Iraq wars to organize in order to show their displeasure about Fonda's tour plans and to exert so much pressure on her movement that she'll cancel or fail miserably.

If we should pull out of Iraq without a victory, we're in for all kinds of grief. Nobody will ever trust the United States again because they'll think that a vocal minority can exert political pressure and neutralize the most powerful nation in the world. We must be strong willed at this point in order to prevail. We need everyone standing shoulder to shoulder supporting our efforts to break the will of terrorists.

All countries of the world need to show terrorists that the consequences of their actions outweigh their perverse tactics because they will be hunted down and either killed or brought to justice.

Unfortunately, the politically correct warfare that we're employing in Iraq just doesn't work, so we're at a disadvantage right off the bat.

Even if you feel we made a misjudgment in Iraq, if we should fail at this point, we'll only embolden terrorism and they'll strike with more vigor, both in our homeland and elsewhere. If not stopped, these attacks will eventually lead to a much wider and more volatile war involving much of the world -- something nobody wants, especially military people who have to fight and die during wartime.

Those who oppose Jane Fonda and her ilk must organize early in order to counter their proposed tour. And I think it's appropriate for Military.com to be the catalyst for such action. As a result, people who subscribe to the website should start a dialog concerning Jane Fonda's tour and formulate plans to counter her plans.

© 2005 John Shields. All opinions expressed in this article are the author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Military.com.



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