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Eight GIs Nabbed in Pot Sting
Stars and Stripes  |  January 16, 2008
SEOUL -- South Korean customs agents discovered marijuana in a box mailed to a U.S. soldier in South Korea, launching a joint investigation that resulted in the Dec. 29 arrest of eight Camp Casey-based troops, customs officials confirmed Tuesday.

A customs official said that marijuana was detected in a box that arrived with a normal military mail shipment at Incheon International Airport in late December.

Customs agents contacted the U.S. military, the official said, and the box was delivered to its intended recipient as part of a joint sting operation.

8th Army spokesman Lt. Col. Brodrick Bailey confirmed eight soldiers had been arrested but declined to provide additional details, including the soldiers' names, units and type of drugs allegedly involved.

Though the release of that information is common in most cases, 8th Army officials refused to release it because it would "interfere with the ongoing joint investigation being conducted" by Army criminal investigators and South Korean police.

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