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Officer Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges
Stars and Stripes  |  By David Allen  |  January 07, 2008
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa -- Misdemeanor child abuse charges were refiled Friday in Guam against an Air Force captain and his wife.

According to papers filed on Friday in Guam Superior Court, the couple, originally arrested on felony charges of child pornography last April, each face multiple charges of spanking their sons, now ages 6 and 4, so hard they "left marks, welts or bruises on their bodies."

They also allegedly allowed the boys to watch their father fondle their mother, observe their parents performing sex and showed them computer pictures of nude men. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

Stars and Stripes is not naming the parents because it would identify the alleged victims. The father, 36, is stationed at Andersen Air Base. The mother is 29. The charges stem from an Air Force investigation of the captain on allegations of conduct unbecoming an officer. The case was turned over to Guam officials April 20, when it was learned the alleged offenses included the wife and occurred in their off-base home in the village of Yigo.

Police searched the home and found about 1,700 computer photos of the couple and their sons in the nude, according to information included with the new complaint. However, felony pornography charges were dropped when it was later learned the photos were taken before the family arrived on Guam in June 2006.

In May, the couple were charged with nine counts of child abuse, but those charges were dismissed, according to a spokesman for the Guam Attorney General in an e-mail to Stripes.

No explanation was given concerning the refiling of the charges. No one in the attorney generalís office was available for comment Saturday.

Under the new filing, the captain is charged with nine separate counts of child abuse. He faces dismissal from the service if convicted. His wife faces 12 separate counts of child abuse. The charges are similar to the misdemeanor charges filed last May.

According to the complaint, the older boy told investigators that the family often wore no clothing when at home and that he frequently watched his parents engage in oral sex. He also allegedly said he engaged in similar behavior with his younger brother while his parents took pictures of them. No date has been set for the parents to answer the complaints.

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