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Soldier of Fortune: Pass, Foe!
Pass, Foe!

Soldier of Fortune Magazine

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Illegals clean the pentagon, drive trucks onto bases, and enlist with false documents

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By Dr. Martin Brass
Soldier of Fortune Magazine

In the first four parts of this series, we saw how infiltration of our borders by illegal immigrants has turned these no-longer-recognizable boundaries into war zones, and how U.S. citizens are being raped, murdered, and robbed by illegal alien criminals. So, how about our defense and military organizations? Surely, one would think -- would hope -- that those that we look to for protection are secure from these illegal immigrant incursions.

Think again.

"When I was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico in the Mid-seventies, with the 4449Th Mobility Support Squadron, we were tasked with helping the SP's search for illegal aliens in the West area of the base. Upon our initial briefing, the OSI told us that a small percentage of the ones found on base were Cuban nationals, possibly spying on our installation. Some were actually caught next to aircraft and even hangers! During the last administration it was reported that there were as many as 300,000 illegals a month migrating to the U.S.

"I wonder how many of the ones we have here now are scooping out the country's related installations and strategic areas for our current enemies?" a concerned SOF reader recently wrote to me.

What's the situation three decades later?

The Daily Press recently reported "Some illegal immigrants, including members of a violent Salvadoran gang, got onto the world's largest naval base to do construction work, federal investigators allege in court records.

"No charges have been filed and it was unclear how many illegal immigrants made it onto Norfolk Naval Station. A Navy spokeswoman told the Daily Press that there is no security problem at the base. It is that state of denial that has experts concerned.

"Appropriate security measures are in place at all of the installations in the region," said Beth Baker, a spokeswoman for the Navy's Mid- Atlantic Region Command. "We continuously monitor those, check those, and they're appropriate given the current threat environment."

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According to the Press, "Court records allege that construction company owners have conspired with people at the base pass office so the undocumented workers may get through the base gates."

Indeed, the helter-skelter nature of illegal alien infiltration into defense installations has not changed much since the mid-seventies. Illegals are found not only on military bases, but on other high security installations as well.

"I find it really amazing that so many illegal immigrants are working in DOD buildings, including the Pentagon, with security clearances and Pentagon access badges. I see them every day in secure areas of DOD facilities, employed in janitorial and similar functions with security/building clearance badges.

Terrorists, Spies, and Suicide Bombers

"This could make it easy for terrorists, spies, and suicide bombers to infiltrate Pentagon security and commit acts of espionage, or worse, assassinate some of our top Pentagon civilian and military leaders. Of course, this is also the case at other federal government agencies presumably including Capital Hill.

"One can only hope that security is a little tighter at the White House," said David T. Pyne, President and CEO of the National Security Interest Organization.

Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist, obtained a Department of Homeland Security intelligence report that tracked one Raymond Levesque, an illegal alien, who was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents, as he drove northbound on I-95 near Houlton, MN. Levesque admitted to operating illegally as a truck driver in the United States for fifteen years. He was freed on his own recognizance, under the current catch and release policy.

The report warned, "Taken as an isolated incident, the violation concerning Levesque could be of minor interest, however, a possible terrorism nexus here is clear... There are, at any given time, several hundred military vehicles on site, and security is non-existent. The fact that undocumented foreign nationals are illegally transporting this equipment throughout the U.S. with access to the Limestone facility and other military facilities also would seem to pose a threat."

The U.S. Army's Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC), responsible for contracting surface transportation of military arms, ammunition, explosives, vehicles, and other motorized equipment, refused to respond to queries on what steps it takes to screen frauds, felons, or potential terrorists. "We work very closely with commercial carriers and all defense transportation partners to ensure the safety and security of all of our shipments," MTMC public affairs officer Corenthia Libby informed investigators. "To safeguard these operational security measures I will not elaborate on the details."

Gary Cleaves, general manager of the Maine National Guard maintenance center that refurbishes and ships military Humvees and M109 mobile howitzers, capable of delivering nerve gas rounds and nuclear munitions, gave more detail.

No ID, No Record

"No identification is required from drivers dropping off shipments at the National Guard site," he told investigators. "The trucking company name, and the truck numbers on government bills of lading, often do not match the trucks actually delivering loads, and no records are kept on who actually delivers shipments."

Previously, according to Malkin's research, Border Agents apprehended a Russian illegal alien with a valid New York State commercial driver's license, driving a stolen Humvee from the Limestone facility. His license allowed him to haul hazardous materials, and he had a pass that granted him access to sea ports along the East Coast - including high-level security-bonded Customs areas. Canadian agents intercepted two other Russian nationals, dressed in BDUs, as they tried to sneak into the United States twenty miles south of Limestone.

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