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David Green Archives

About the Author

Name: David Green
Nickname: Yoshi
Age: 27
Rank: SSG/E-6
Service: Army
Job: 46R Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist/Multinational Forces Iraq Webmaster
Location: Baghdad, Iraq

I joined the Army in 1995 at 17 as a 19K1K4/M1A2 Armor Crewman. I went through One Site Unit Training at Fort Knox, Ky. I was assigned to 3-8 Cav, 1st Cavalry Division Fort Hood, TX. In 1998 I reclassified my MOS to 46R/Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist. Assignments since then include 2nd Infantry Division (Camp Red Cloud, Korea), 1st Cavalry Division, III Corps, 4th PAD (all at Fort Hood), AFN-Naples (Naples, Italy), Office of Chief of Public Affairs-Soldiers Radio and Television (Pentagon/Alexandria, VA), Multinational Forces-Iraq (Baghdad, Iraq). I'm married to an IT2 in the Navy. No Children. Feel that my experience in the military is unquie in that after only 10 years I've worked at every level of the Army from the squad/crew level to Headquarters department of the Army.

Just a simple little Blog, about a complex little man, in a chaotic little land, covered in sand. This Blog is a personal account of my experiences and in no way is approved by, endorsed by, or connected to any government agency. The thoughts expressed do not reflect those of the U.S. Military or Coalition Partners.

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April 4, 2005

Posted by David Green at 9:55 AM

I actually got to see my first mortar attack the other day. I realize that for some of the guys out there, seeing explosions and stuff of that nature is a daily experience and God love ya for it. I'm a staff guy and understand my job and yours are different and I thank you "trigger-pullers" for keeping me safe.

Anyway, back to the story. I was standing outside my hooch smoking a cigarette (please, I've already heard all the smoking will kill you jokes I can take). I heard a couple of small boom booms off in the distance and as I looked up in their general direction the sky lit up, everything shook, and my ears generated a slight ringing. I dropped my cigarette as I tried to make sense of it all. I realized that a mortar just hit really close by (or so I thought) and double checked myself to make sure I was o.k. (I'm not sure why...I was still standing and the sheer fact that I was able to think about checking myself out was a pretty good indication I was fine). I did, however, feel a sharp stinging sensation on the top of my foot. I was getting ready to take a shower and had on my flip-flops. I looked down and noticed the cigarette I had been smoking was slowly causing a chemical reaction whereby my flesh was being turned into a dozen random elements. Or in other words I was burning a hole in my foot!

Well, I'm not gonna give the terrorist the satisfaction of being hurt so I put a band-aid on it and went on about my business. But at least now I have a war wound :-). Whatever, just thought I'd share.

Turns out the impact was outside the compound and thankfully no one was hurt. That's the only reason I feel comfortable joking about this particular incident. I'm planning on starting a website soon and of course I'll let everyone know when that's up and running. Gotta run...

Yoshi, Out...

2005. All opinions expressed in this article are the author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Military.com.



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