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TRICARE Online Services
TRICARE Online Services

By Julia Noreen Adams
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If only doctors made house calls. Fortunately, your healthcare program does. TRICARE has launched a website with new services and helpful links. TRICARE Online (TOL) provides personalized services for TRICARE beneficiaries worldwide, in conjunction with local military treatment facilities (MTFs).

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It's important to note that TOL is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Acknowledgement of a detailed medical disclaimer is required for use of the site.

Onsite Registration

Many informative features are available without registering, but for personalized services, you'll have to register. In addition to the usual information, you'll need your Social Security number (SSN) or foreign ID, sponsor's SSN, TRICARE region, and e-mail address.

You'll also need the name of your MTF (where you receive healthcare), an eight-character username, and an eight-character password that includes at least one number, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character (such as a dollar sign).

If you have trouble registering or using any aspect of TOL, call the toll-free help line at (866) 363-3932.

Enrollment and Appointments

No more trips to your nearest TRICARE service center, nor holding on the phone to marching music, to make appointments. Once registered, you can enroll yourself and family members in TRICARE Prime. All you need is your personal information and the name of your chosen primary care manager (PCM). Prime beneficiaries can make appointments online with their PCM or another doctor in the same clinic. Appointments made online can be canceled, changed, or confirmed on TOL.

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You can also store information about your MTF and providers. The site includes phone directories and links to providers' homepages.


The most unpleasant aspect of healthcare is the paperwork. TOL does its part to ease the claims burden by providing you with the status of payments and copies of explanations of benefits for claims. There's also a link to the main TRICARE website for general claims information and printable claim forms.

Fun for Kids and Teens

The "Kids" section is a helpful resource for parents and children alike. There are articles on infants, teens, family issues, and much more. The site includes information on health concerns, of course, but also nutrition, safety, and social issues ranging from diversity to illegal drugs. Parents will appreciate the answers to their questions, and kids will value the privacy of exploring subjects they may be uncomfortable talking about. It can even be a tool for facilitating family conversations.

Kids will enjoy the discovery games for exploring anatomy, diet and exercise, infections, and even the universe in the "Games for Kids" section.

Other Features

The "General Health Info" section includes several interesting services. The "Condition Explorer" shows conditions that affect your health. Get information on sexuality, aging, travel health concerns, the latest medications, alternative health, and more in the "Be Well" section. Estimate your potential for certain health problems with the health calculators. And examine your list of prescription medications for possible interaction complications with the "RxChecker."

On the Horizon

As you navigate the site, add pages that are most useful to your onsite favorites. Check the site often for new additions. MTFs are gradually adding more information and options. There are also plans for secure online access to medical records and TRICARE prime appointments with civilian providers and specialists. TOL is the only site you need to remember for all of your TRICARE needs.


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