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The Current Status of Concurrent Receipt
The Current Status of Concurrent Receipt


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Concurrent Receipt or CRDP is quite the hot topic these days. It seems there are as many interpretations of the law as there are eligible retirees. The following is a quick overview of the finer points of the law.

CRDP and retroactive Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) disability compensation awards:

According to program guidance of Section 1414 of Title 10, United States Code, CRDP is not retroactive.  CRDP is only payable starting the month the appropriate pay center (DFAS or Coast Guard) actually starts offsetting your VA award from your retired pay.  If you are in receipt of VA compensation and for some reason the pay center did not offset your VA award, then there is nothing to restore, no concurrent payment was made.  Even if the VA withheld the difference of the award and retired pay for the prior months, CRDP is still not retroactive, if the pay center did not start the offset.  If the VA did not withhold the difference, then an overpayment to the member would have resulted.

VA Unemployability Codes  and CRDP:

Those members who are rated 100 percent with the VA and meet the CRDP criteria, will have their full retired pay restored effective January 1, 2005.  Those members who have been rated less than 100 percent, but are receiving 100 percent from the VA due to an unemployability code, will not receive their full retired pay up front.  They still fall under the 10-year phase in plan, in which they will see full restoration by the year 2014.  The CRDP is paid on the actual VA rating not the unemployability code.

Chapter 61 retirees and CRDP:

Certain individuals who retired from the military with a disability under Chapter 61 of Title 10, United States Code; will not see restoration of their full retired pay.  CRDP is based on the longevity percentage, not the disability.  So if your disability percentage is greater than your longevity percentage, under current policy, your CRDP will be based on the longevity percentage and will be less than your full retired pay.

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