Navy News for the week of 01 FEBRUARY 2010

Military Spared Belt-Tightening Budget
The Obama administration was to unveil a defense budget Monday that pours billions into drones, helicopters and special forces, reflecting a focus on fighting Islamist extremists rather than conventional armies. This comes as the draft QDR, also due this week, discards a doctrine that required the military to prepare to fight two simultaneous wars....More

Featured Discount: Up to 80% off
Limited time offer for US Military. Microsoft Office Standard 2007 for only $79.95. Buy now and save up to $320....More

Clock Starts Ticking to End Gay Ban
The U.S. Defense Department starts the clock this week on what is expected to be a several-year process in lifting its ban on gays from serving openly in the military. A special investigation into how the ban can be repealed without hurting the morale or readiness of the troops was expected to be announced Tuesday by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ...More

Video: Kill or be Killed
Unique frontline footage. Check out the brick throwing British Para and the U.S. cameraman surrounded by U.S. Rangers....More

Troops Feel Growing Rage in Afghanistan
Anger, frustration and a hunger for revenge are running high among U.S. Marines as casualties mount on the frontline of the battle against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. Outside a tent housing the Marine unit responsible for firing mortars stands an improvised cross bearing the inscription: "Here lies the 81st, death by stand down." ...More

Schools Offer College Credit for Service in the Military
Take fewer classes by applying your service in the military towards a college degree. In addition to graduating faster, your GI Bill will cover up to $49,000 of the costs. Take the first step and connect with hundreds of schools that offer college credit for service. Request free information from schools today....More

Stryker Network Fail in Afghanistan?
Roadside bombs and military grade land mines continue to cause the largest number of U.S. casualties Afganistan. If there are new tactics or pieces of equipment that can aid in the counter-IED fight we want to know about it....More

Featured Job: Military Friendly Employers
Visit's veteran job board to search thousands of jobs in aerospace, defense, health care, nursing, government, law enforcement, teaching and more. Find the perfect career path for you and connect with military friendly employers today....More

Tax Tips for Military Personnel
With the start to the new year behind us, it is time to once again plan ahead for tax season. As usual, there are a number of unique credits and deductions available to servicemembers. Learn the best tips that focus on the deductions available to military families for 2009....More

Expert: 300 Impostors for Each Real SEAL
In January 2002, four months after terrorists attacked the U.S., a group called AuthentiSEALs received 1,182 reports of people claiming to be SEALs. "Three of them were real SEALs," said Steve Robinson, a former Navy SEAL who works to expose false claims of membership to that elite group of rigorously trained Sailors. ...More

New US Air Strategy in Afghanistan
Six months after Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S commander in Afghanistan, issued a tactical directive urging troops to walk away from a fight rather than risk killing civilians, the Air Force is engaging in a campaign of restraint. Instead of airstrikes, Airmen are increasingly searching for places they can drop bombs that can be heard and felt, but where they're unlikely to damage buildings or hurt people....More

Free Caregiver Access to Mil Families
Military families now have free access to an online network of quality caregivers who can assist with everything from babysitting to dog walking....More