Archibald Scott  (Denny)     

 Rank,  Service

O-6 Colonel, Army

 Veteran of:

World War-II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Bay of Pigs

A family tradition from 1917-1977. In WWI there were Infantry regiments most well known was the 328th in which Sgt. Alvin York served in, as well as my grandfather Archibald Dennison Scott II (at age 15) in July of 1917 thru the end of the war. His grandfather Archibald D. Scott Jr. (at age 30) was in the 13th Infantry regiment of the (Indiana) Union Army 12/64-9/65 and his father Archibald D. Scott Sr.(at age 23) was with the American Army during the War of 1812. My father A.D. Scott III (at age 16) joining the army in 8/43 and deployed in 1/44 later with the 2/505, 3rd Brig. of the 82nd. Retiring as CSM in 8/69 after 26 yrs. but keeping a reserve commision as LTC until retiring from the reserves after '78 as Col. A.D. Scott IV (at age 20) would also serve in the 3rd Brig. with the 1/508 in 9/71 after graduating from OCC and after 14 months he was sent on a recruiting tour for 4 months as an E-4 until 3/73. I too (at age 17) served in the 82nd with the 1st Brig. Co. A/1/504 ( ...More

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A.D. Scott II w/NBC in later 40's

Jokin w/Jimmy & Gloria Stewart

  10/20/1990 A.D. Scott IV

Linda S.(sister's wedding)

10/20/1990 A.D. Scott III

Giving away the daughter

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