Thomas CARTER      

 Rank,  Service

E-9 Staff SGT Major/Command SGT Major/Spec.9, Army

 Veteran of:

Desert Storm
various LICs

SGM Tom CARTER was killed in Iraq on 25 April 2004 (age 49; Tom was born 31 Oct 1954 in Milan, Tenn.) working as a security escort sub-contracted to U.S.A. Enviromental, Tampa, FLA.[a demo company], ; he was employed by Cochise Consultancy Inc, Valrico, FLA. His 18 yrs in the military included serving w/ the 7th SF Grp (ABN), 19th SF Grp (ABN), 75th Ranger Reg. He was also an instructor at the US Army Ranger School and US Army Jungle Operations Center in Panama. Tom's last military assignment was w/ 1st SFOD-DELTA. Upon leaving the military he formed his own company: Strategic Security Group, Inc. He was a member of the Special Operations Association, the SFA, Ranger Association, ASIS, Parachute Association and the ASLET. Tom is survived by hi wife, Michele Hoyt & son, Richard of Clackamas, Oregon; 3 adult children; father Thomas J Carter; brother, James and sister Linda. God Bless You, Tom, and the time we spent together.

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A friend and a Ranger /SF brother - RIP
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To an old friend.

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