William Bainbridge  (Sergeant Major of The Arm)     

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E-9 Staff SGT Major/Command SGT Major/Spec.9, Army

 Veteran of:

World War-II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Cold War

Born in Galesburg, Illinois; raised and schooled in Dahinda, Trenton Corners, and Billtown(Williamsfield); a German POW in WWII; a pig farmer in Knox County; a NCO in Korea; a Professional Non-Commissioned Officer; Sergeant Major of many units; developer - founder of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy; Fifth Sergeant Major of the Army. Thank you for leading the way, for "breaking the trail", and building the ladder for me (and many others) to climb. Though we never met, you were an inspiration and role model even in my Williamsfield high school days. We've walked the same roads and seen the same sights, done many of the same things but you were always in the lead for a young NCO to follow. CSM(r) Gary Huber, USASMA '92, Williamsfield High School '64

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