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  Air Force and Higher Commands
  Air Defense Sectors
  101st Aerial Refueling Wing
  102nd Fighter Wing
  103rd Fighter Wing
  104th Fighter Wing
  105th Airlift Wing
  106th Rescue Wing
  107th Aerial Refueling Wing
  108th Aerial Refueling Wing
  109th Airlift Wing
  110th Fighter Wing
  111th Fighter Wing
  113th Wing
  114th Fighter Wing
  115th Fighter Wing
  116th Bomb Wing
  117th Aerial Refueling Wing
  118th Airlift Wing
  119th Fighter Wing
  120th Fighter Wing
  121st Aerial Refueling Wing
  122nd Fighter Wing
  123rd Airlift Wing
  124th Fighter Wing
  125th Fighter Wing
  126th Aerial Refueling Wing
  127th Fighter Wing
  128th Aerial Refueling Wing
  129th Rescue Wing
  130th Airlift Wing
  131st Fighter Wing
  132nd Fighter Wing
  133rd Airlift Wing
  134th Aerial Refueling Wing
  136th Airlift Wing
  137th Airlift Wing
  138th Fighter Wing
  139th Airlift Wing
  140th Fighter Wing
  141st Aerial Refueling Wing
  142nd Fighter Wing
  143rd Airlift Wing
  144th Fighter Wing
  145th Airlift Wing
  146th Airlift Wing
  147th Fighter Wing
  148th Fighter Wing
  149th Fighter Wing
  150th Fighter Wing
  151st Aerial Refueling Wing
  152nd Airlift Wing
  153rd Airlift Wing
  154th Wing
  155th Aerial Refueling Wing
  156th Airlift Wing
  157th Aerial Refueling Wing
  158th Fighter Wing
  159th Fighter Wing
  161st Aerial Refueling Wing
  162nd Fighter Wing
  163rd Aerial Refueling Wing
  164th Airlift Wing
  166th Airlift Wing
  167th Airlift Wing
  168th Aerial Refueling Wing
  169th Fighter Wing
  171st Aerial Refueling Wing
  172nd Airlift Wing
  174th Fighter Wing
  175th Wing
  176th Wing
  177th Fighter Wing
  178th Fighter Wing
  179th Wing
  180th Fighter Wing
  181st Fighter Wing
  182nd Airlift Wing
  183rd Fighter Wing
  184th Bomb Wing
  185th Fighter Wing
  186th Aerial Refueling Wing
  187th Fighter Wing
  188th Fighter Wing
  189th Airlift Wing
  190th Aerial Refueling Wing
  191st Airlift Wing
  192nd Fighter Wing
  193rd Special Operations Wing

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