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18th military police detachment 7th infantry division:
1st BG 7th infantry '59-'62: This group is for members of the 1st Battle Group, 7th IF: HQ & HQ Co. Companies A-G Combat Support Company 33 armor
206th Assault Helicopter Company: If you'd like a better image of this picture, drop me a line! Just go to my profile page & use the message function. The 206th was formed with...
3/17 Infantry:
333rd B Battery 7th Infantry Division: I have been searching the internet for people who were in my unit, to date I have not found any so I decided to start my own page. Hopefully other...
3rd Bn, 32nd Inf:
4th Battalion 21st Infantry Ft.Ord:
6-31 Inf:
73rd heavy tank battalion: 73rd heavy tank battalion7th infintry divisionUS ARMY
7th AG Company, Ft. Ord, CA: Welcome to the home of the 7th AG Company webpage!!
7th Finance Company: For those who served with the 7th Finance Company after it's reactivation in November of 1974 at Ft. Ord, California.
7th Finance Support Unit: Finance Support to the 7th Infantry Division
7th ID Combat Infantry Badge - DMZ : This site is for all who were awarded the 7 th US Infantry Combat Badge for serving in, on, or along the Korean DMZ. During the Korean DMZ War. This...
7th Infantry Division (Light) - The "BAYONET" Division: "LIGHT FIGHTERS" Masters of the Night Light - Silent - Deadly
7th Infantry Division, Fort Ord 1990-1993: Planet Ord 1990-1993 COHORT units...C co 5/21 Gimlets I was a 60 gunner for 1st platoon 3rd squad under SGT Duvall SPC Allen nickname...
7th Military Police Company, 7th Infantry Division: The 7th Military Police Company was just one of many units that supported the 7th Infantry Division in its missions. While the 7th ID changes to meet...
7th US ID Counterguerrilla Warfare School: Join the 7th United States Infantry Division - Counterguerrilla Warfare School. Those of you who completed this Division Ranger School. Will remember...
Alpha bulls-3/17th-7th division-k-lee rangers:
Artillery Fort Ord/Lewis: This page is for anyone who is/was assigned to Fort Ord or Fort Lewis in the artillery field.
B 4/9 INF Lightfighters: Bravo Company 4th/9th Inf was one of the first Light Infantry Fighting Units to be produced by the US Army
B Co 2/27 Wolfhounds: Dedicated to the soldiers of Bravo Comapny 2/27 wolfhounds
Bravo Co 5/21 : This site is for all of the veterans of Bravo Co 5/21 to get together and communicate.
Brockner, William "Skip": I started out with the 1/73rd Armor Bn at Tae Jon Ni, Korea, went to Vietnam for over 1/2 a year, and got transfered back to Korea at the 7th Supply...
Co A 1/31 Inf Company: Calling all POLAR BEARS Whats Happening? "Share your life with those who care"
Fort Jackson: Looking For Old Friends. Drop Me A Line.
Fort Ord: Welcome back to the planet.
HHC 1Bn 31st Inf "Bearcats":
HHC 6/31st INF.: Served at Fort Irwin, CA. OPFOR
HHC 9th Infantry Regiment: I've decided to spruce up my website at http://army.pixelmass.com . I have tried to make this site easier to get around and understand how it...
HHT 2nd Squadron 10th Air Cav: Recon' out front !!
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 7th Infantry Division Artilllery:
High Time: Korea Vet 68-69
In Memory of William Ralph London: Link to Chicago Tribune Obituary, Guestbook and Photo Gallery (cut and paste):...
Korea - '68-'69 - Agent Orange: I'm looking for Vets who were in Korea in 1968 and 1969. I have Multiple Myeloma (MM), a blood/ bone marrow cancer for which there is no cure. I...
Korea / Japan:
Lightfighter for Ever:
Lightfighters HOOOAH: Hey Lightfighters I am Tina S. Smith. I served with this unit from 1988 to 1990. I was a cook for General Carmen Carvezza & General Ord. I was...
Long Range Surveillance: LRS 107th MI
Raider Eagle: He taught me that freedom comes at a cost where good men must stept forward to defend that which we need the most. The only enemy of peace is war.
TOW Plt HHC 3rd Bn 9 Inf Reg:
The "OOH AAH" Days: Come on Guys Lets Keep in Touch. Send me an E-Mail. We can talk about the good ole days.
The Second Korean War Veterans - Korea Dmz War Veterans: This Home Page is to Honor all who serve in units of the US Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, and Coast Guard. That serve during the 2nd Korean War. The...
lightfighters: welcome to lightfighters, home for 7th infantry division soldiers who served from the late eighties to the present
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