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3/9 H&S Comm Plt: The battery operated grunts of 3/9
3/9 Kilo Company Gulf War & Somolia:
3/9 marines 74-75: Click here to type.to all who shall see these presents greetings -from Hq. Company 3/9-1974-1975.
3rd Battalion, 9th Marines, INDIA Co. 1st Platoon: Looking for 3/9 India Co. 1st Platoon members who served in Persion Gulf.
3rd Plt. India CO.:
3rd Plt. India Co. 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines:
AV8r_CO: If it's got wings or rotors, climb on, strap in, lets go.
Bohm's Bastards - 3/9 Wpns. Co. 81mm Mortar Platoon 1992-1994:
India CO.:
India Co, Weapons Plt. 3rd Bn 9th Marines: The weapons plt. of India company 3/9 provides direct heavy weapons support to each infantry platoon in the company. Heavy weapons play a vital role...
K Co, 3rdBn, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Div: Articles and Photos of my tour in Vietnam 1967-68
Kilo Company: Click here to type.
Lima 3/9: Welcome to the Lightening Lima Home Page. The Mission: To assemble our brothers of Lima company. If you cannot find a brother on the 3/9 roster,...
Machinegunners UP!: Smit, Johnson, & Miller 16 years after...scary aint it ?
Old Marines: Who remembers 68 days afloat the USS RENYILLE
The "Flamming I" Vietnam, 1968: This page is dedicated to all the brave Men, who fought and served with the Flamming "I", India 3/9, 1968, Vietnam
Wpns Co. 3/9: For every one who served in Wpns Co. 3/9 and was attached to any line Company in 3/9. Hi My Name Is George Stefanescu and I served in Wpns Co,...
exit to hell: Looking for Marines who served in Viet Nam in 1965/1966 with Kilo co. 3rd. Blt. 3rd. Marines and Kilo co. 3rd. Blt. 9th. I served as a automatic...
veterans of 3/9:

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