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1/18th Field Artillery:
1/39 infantry ..........Paddy's Gang !: web site for all AAAO alumni members email / fotos.....conversation reunion info....
1/68 Armor Battalion: 1st Battalion 68th Armor, 8th Infantry Division Baumholder and Wildflecken, Germany
1984-1985 Bravo Company 2/28 Infantry Black Lions Veterans: This homepage is for all Black Lion Veterans who served with Bravo Company 2/28 Infantry and 3/8 Infantry from 1984-1986 until the company...
1st 87th Baumholder Germany:
1st Battalion 13th Inf Regiment (Mech) 8th Infantry Division: This is the sight for the people that served at Baumholder 1/13inf, primarily Charlie Co. or 1/39inf during the years 1986 to 1989. Remember...
1st Battalion 2nd Field Artillery:
1st.BN.87th. INF: Welcome members of the 1st.BN 87th. INF
2/13 INF: 40 Rounds Sir!
24th S&T Bn, 24th Inf. Div.:
26th Infantry 1st Battle Group Company B Baumholder, Germany: Seeking former members Co B 1st Battle Group 26th Infantry 8th Infantry Division Baumholder Germany from 1960 thru 1962.
2nd Battalion 68th Armor Baumholder:
2nd Battalion 87th Infantry: This page is dedicated to former soldiers of CSC 2nd Battalion 87th Infantry, 8th Infantry Division. "Kill Tanks Sir....Cold Steel". I served...
3-8th Cav: C Troop 3-8th Cav
3/77 Armor : Just reaching out looking for anyone that was in Manheim, Germany at Sullivan Barracks. Especialy any "Charlie Mikers" who might be out there.
3/8 MP Co:
3rd Bn 16th FA:
4/12th Cav 5th Infantry Division,Ft Polk,La: Was stationed ATrp 4/12th Cav,Ft.Polk La. from 81-82
4/69th Armor,Lee Barracks . looking for anyone that was stationed with the 4th Bn. 69th Armor: Dco 4/69th Armor85-87. Looking for anyone that was stationed at Lee Barracks in the *Speed and Power* Bn. I was the company Master Gunner from 87 to...
4/8 INF:
5-77 Armor: Steel Tiger Battalion, Sullivan Barracks, Mannheim, Germany
5/68 Armor, Sullivan Barracks, Mannheim, FRG: Looking for veterans of the 5th Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment "Grey Lions", stationed at Sullivan Barracks, Kaefertal/Mannheim, Germany. Part of...
56th Gen Hospital APO 09034: Medics, More than a few of you TDY'd to the 56th for a 90 day rotation where for the most part we became the core of the emergency room...
8th Division Airborne School: This is the 8th Division Airborne School, where training was offered for Basic Airborne, JumpMaster, Air Mobility & Terminal Guidance, and a few...
8th Inf. Div. Finance Co 1972-1975: I am looking for any and all of my Buddy's that may have served with me at the 8th Infantry Division Finance Co. / Disbursing Office from 1972 to...
8th Infantry Division (Pathfinder) Band: Greetings, I was stationed with the 8th I.D. band from 1980-82, and am interested in meeting with any other members of this proud, talented, and...
8th Infantry Division Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (PLDC) Baumholder, Germany:
8th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion 2nd Field Artillery, Baumholder, FRG.:
8th Infantry/3AD.:
8th Medical Battallion: Bad kreuznack and mannheim german 1970-1980
8th Replacement Detachment / AG Co.:
8th Signal Bn:
Aircraft Armament 68M & 68J:
C co 708th Maint (Mannheim):
CHARLIE CO.1/68TH ARMOUR: Iam am John D.Winters ,i was with "c"co.1/68TH armour,1ST.inf.div. in Baumholder,Germany from sept.1970 till 1972,Iam looking for any members of this...
CSC 2/13 INF.,Coleman Baracks,Manhiem:
CSC 2/68 Armor:
Carl's Tour of Germany: I was stationed at Coleman Barracks, Sandhofen, Germany with the 2d Battallion, 13th Mechanized Infantry, "First At Vicksburg".
Cav Troopers: Click here to type.Looking for all 3/8 Cav troopers that served at coleman bks during 74-78
Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (3): 1953 Mar 10 Germany ? Regensburg: F-84 of the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing is shot down by 2 Czech MiG-15s in German airspace. Pilot parachutes...
Cold War Combat Casualties:: Click here to type.
Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (1): Even though the United States gained a victory by winning the Cold War many lives were sacrificed. These are men and women who gave of themselves...
Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (2): The Ultimate Price for Freedom
Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (4): 1953-1959
Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (5): Iron Curtain: Europe: U.S. Wars/Conflicts Cold War Combat Chronology (2 Sep 1945-26 Dec 1991)
Combat Support Company 3rd Bn 68th Armor Mannhiem,Germany: The Best of the Best.
Dad, I have never forgotten you!: Dad:The angels called you back home in 1962. I didn't have much time to get to know you, but from what I've heard, you were quite a guy. I have...
E co. 708th Maint. Bn.:
Fighting Vehicle Infantry(paragraph 1-5):
First Defenders:
Golden Arrow/Pathfinders: The best memories of serving in United States Army Europe & Seventh Army in the European Theater of Operations as a Cold War Soldier. The United...
HHC 1/68 Armor: STINGERS & SCOUTS This page is an attempt by Spc. Dugan of the stingers and Spc. Kuffel of the scouts to contact anyone who served with us in...
HHC 1/87TH INF (MECH): This is for the Soldiers who served with HHC 1/87TH INF (MECH), 8TH Infantry Division, Baumholder, Germany. "Top of the Mountain" Soldiers.
HHC 2nd Brgde:
HHC, 8th Infantry Division:
Justice: Civic, Civil, or Both.....: Click here to type.In the constant elation of curiousity (right from wrong) we have agreed to first; review the evidence. In my state proceedure...
Mainz Memories: Dedicated to the men/women of the 8th Infantry Division who served at Lee Barracks in Mainz, Gonsenheim, FRG. Feel free to remember Mainz and...
Scout Platoon, HHC 5/8 INF. 1986:
Smith Barracks Baumholder, Germany: BAUMHOLDER
The Final Pathfinder Magazine: I was assigned to the Public Affairs Office 8th Infantry Division in 1991 when the division was deactivated. I was a writer/photographer for...
Wiesbaden Air Base Memories: If you were at Wiesbaden Air Base from around 1976 to 1980, more than likely you were pretty confused as to which major command you belonged. Was it...
drapers tour : 2/13th inf. persons come share storeies with us and if you was there the same time we can chat about i was there 80-83 Cco and Aco sgt draper
hq.co.1bn. 505th pir:

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