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"B" Company 2/8 Mech. Infantry 4th Infantry Division: Hoping this link will re-connect past veterans so as to share and update one another with past and present doings. My name is Fred Rivero and served...
"B" Company 2nd/8th Vietnam: My name is Roger "Doc" Propst and I was Senior Medic with "B" Company 2nd/8th from June 1967-June 1968. It would be nice to connect some faces with...
1-4 avn: Welcome All To The 1-4 AVN
1-66 Armor: This site is for the men that served in 1-66 Armor. IRONKNIGHTS!
1-67AR 4ID: Death Before Dismount
1-68 Armor Battalion:
124th Sig Bn: A page dedicated to the men of the 124th Signal Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1966-1970 and . . . .
13th Sustainment Command:
151st Adjutant General Postal Detachment 3:
1ST BN 12TH INF - RED WARRIORS: Click here to type.
1st Battalion 22nd Infantry: I have shut down this site and have moved to a larger site with hundreds of photos of 1/22 Infantry through the years, history, insignia, and other...
1st Squadron, 10th Armored Cavalry Regiment:
1st battalion 68th armor: This is for all the soldiers from 1/68 Armor "Silver Lions"
2/34 2/77 Armor 1984 to 1988: Looking for soldiers who served during this time and was with the medical platoon.
2/8 HHC Scouts: This page is for all who served as a Scout and for anyone who would like to be apart of it. My name is Stan Silva. I was a scout from Oct. 69...
2/8 Zippos 1969 - 1970: Flame Platoon
273rd Infantry Brigade: Welcome to 273rd Infantry Brigade Homepage.
2nd Brigade Combat Team:
2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion,4th ID: histories....
2nd Brigade, 4th Inf Div: COL Adamson was our Brigade Commander during a part of my affiliation with this great unit - Feb - Aug 1967. Our locations included 3-Tango
2nd Squadron, 12th Armored Cavalry Regiment:
3/29th FA 3rd BCT 4th ID: Mission: 3-29 Field Artillery Fires Battalion provides timely and accurate lethal indirect fire support for the 3d Heavy Brigade Combat Team Unit of...
374th Radio Research Company: During the Vietnam War the 374th Radio Research Company (Army Security Agency) provided communication intelligence (COMINT) and communications...
3rd Battallion 16th Field Artillery: Welcome to the 3rd Batallion Field Artillery Web Page
3rd Brigade Combat Team, "The Iron Brigade": The Pride of Ft. Carson, Colorado and the United States Army. Proud to have served in support of Operation: Iraq Freedom, 2003-2004.
404th Air Support Battalion:
4th Aviation Brigade, 4th ID:
4th Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment:
4th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th ID: Here is a home for the 4th Support Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas...
4th Div 2/8 Infantry "Mechanized Panthers" in Vietnam: Headquartered at Camp Enari outside Pleiku in the central highlands the "Mechanized Panthers" stood against the NVA. The mountains were beautiful...
4th Forward Support Battalion:
4th ID:
4th ID Band: The Fourth Infantry Division "Iron Horse" Band is located at Fort Hood, TX. Led by WO1 Pascua and 1SG Tejeda, our band features the country group...
4th ID Band 1968-1969: Welcome to the 4th Infantry Division Band page for the years 1968-1969 give or take a few months here and there. Thanks for visiting!!
4th ID medic:
4th Infantry Aviation: Ghost Riders
4th Infantry Division Rear Area Operation Center:
4th Infantry Division on the Beaches of Normandy: On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the 8th Infantry Regiment was the first Allied unit to land on Utah beach. After the landing, the 4th gained ground rapidly...
4th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 77th Armor: Looking for individuals who served in the 1st Battalion, 77th Armor of the 4th Infantry Division between 1976 and 1979.
4th MI Detachment, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam: 4th Military Intelligence Detachment, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam
4th MP Company: Home to the 4th MP Company, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson Colorado
4th Sustainment Brigade:
4th Sustainment Brigade Special Troops Battalion:
4th engineer combat engineer battion any one who served in plkieu or ankhe south vietnam: ick here to type.
4th imedic:
4th medic:
4th. Inf. Div. Pleiku,Vietnam 1966 & 67: I,m the scond brother of the foster family to go to vietnam.we the 4th. Inf.Div.,ship out sometime in the winter of 1966,as a group.we spent 21 days...
553rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion:
610th Engineer Detachment (TERRAIN): 610th Engineer Detachment (TERRAIN) is responsible for Battlefield Visualization for the 4th Infantry Division (MECH)
64th Forward Support Battalion: Welcome to the 64th FSB's Page!
704th Main Support Battalion:
7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment: Giving unit members a place to call home because Military.com doesn't have one for everyone....
8th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment: Place your histories memories...
A Co. 1/12 Inf Ft. Carson, CO.: Click here to type.
A co. 1-22 INF: This is my site for 1-22 INF
A-1-8 Vietnam: I served with A/1/8 in Vietnam from 12/68 until 12/69. I was an M60 Machine Gunner for 2nd squad of 3rd platoon and eventually, 2nd Squad Leader. We...
Aces Wrench: Click here to type.
Army Mom:
B Co, 4th Avn Bn Gambler Guns): Calling all former members
B co. 1/8 Inf. Ft. Carson, Co.:
B404th ASB:
Bravo Co. 3/67 AR: BLACK WATER
Buffulo Soldiers:
C Company 2nd FSB: Charlie Company, 2nd Forward Support Battallion, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
C. Co. 2/8th mech. inf. 4th inf div.: This page is dedicated to all who served wtih Charlie Co. 2/8 Mech. Inf.
CSC 1/22 1974, 1975, 1976: Looking for others who served with the CSC, 1/22 at Fort Carson from 1974 to 1976. Join Up and list your MOS. Maybe old friends to be found! I was...
Camp Enari 66-67: It has been a long time since the mud of Camp Enari. I have some pictures and fond (and some not so fond) memories. Would like to hear from others...
Co A 1st Bn 8th Inf:
Co. A, 4th Avn Bn (BlackJack): Calling all former members.
Co. C 3/8 Inf. 4th Inf. Division: Just looking for my passed unit in Viet-Nam 1967-1967 or Ft. Carson 1970 to 1972.
Co.A,2nd Bn 8th Infantry (Mechanized)4Th. Division: The 2nd Bn.,8th Inf. was in a night position 1/2 miles north of the river when it began to receive ground probes on the west side of the perimeter....
Co.D 1st Bn, 12th Infantry 1984-1985: WELCOME TO WARDOG COUNTRY. This page was designed to help locate members of the COHORT unit who went to basic training at FT. Benning, GA. on Jan...
Company B, 4th S&T Bn 1966-67: Looking for bud's from the Company B, 4th S&T Bn. 6 months in Tuy Hoa with the Korean White Horse Division then Pleiku.
D Co 2/4 GSAB "Mavericks": Welcome to the D 2-4 GSAB home page! Bringing past and present together once more. Reunite with past friends, find out what's new, and help plan...
D Co 3/12:
D company 2/8 Inf 4th Infantry Division Mechanized 1984 To 1988: Hey I'm carlos if your a delta Dragon email me
DISBANDED 2/35 C Co: Click here to type.
Delta Dark Knights 3/67 AR:
Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th ID:
Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Division:
Dragon Mountain, Pleiku:
Fort Carson: Served in Alpha Company 1/8 Infantry
Ft. Hood:
HHB 4/42 ARTY: Click here to type.
HHB 5/41 FA: Click here to type.
HHB Divarty: The 4th. ID, HHB, Divarty in Camp Enari from 67 -70. Survey Info Center(SIC), RTO, Med, Motor Pool, Battery HHB, Orderly Room, Supply, Mess, S3,...
HHC 2/77th Armor, Mortar & Scout Platoons: This page is for former members of the Mortar Platoon & Scout Platoon of the Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment....
HHC 6/32 Armor 1972-1975: Click here to type.Medic with HHC 6/32 from Dec,72-June,75. Where is everyone? Had great times at Fort Carson,just wondering what has become of unit...
HHC 6th Battalion 32nd Armor 4th Infantry Division, Ft Carson Co: Welcome to the home page for HHC 6/32nd Armor, Ft Carson Co.
HQ & Svc Btry, 5/16 Arty(DivArty), 4th Infantry Div: Headquarters and Service Battery...5/16 Artillery(DivArty)...4th Infantry Division...Pleiku area...1966 - 67...Enlist now and add your...
Have fun on imvu.com:
Headquarters & Headquarters Company: Personnel who served at 4th Division Headquarters in Vietnam
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th ID:
I V Division: 4th ID lets come together and keep intouch. Now that we are out of the service, I would like to get intouch with me 4th ID friends.
I WANT TO REMEMBER 1967/1968: To help whomever we can,by doing so,we can help heal ourselves and our fellow comrades and their families.
Iron Horse Division:
Iron Horse Vet: I served in the 1-12&1-10 Inf 1976-80 @ Ft Carson w/a 1 yr tour in Korea (79) in UNC Honor Guard Co.
K Co. 75th Airborne Rangers: K Co. 75th Airborne Rangers were responsible for reconnaissance missions primarily in the Central Highlands area of Vietnam.
Maj (Ret) Albert B. Head: Albert Brandscome Head Sr, China Grove, AL, Football Player at The University of Auburn, Graduated 1942, Commissioned through ROTC, 1942, United...
Ohio Retired Veterans:
Old Tanker: Just looking for fellow tankers who were with C co. 1st. Med. tank. Bn. 34th Armor from 1960-1962. Ft. Lewis, Wash.
PFC David Lee Doyle: To David, Who passed from this life in the service of his country on November 18, 1969: "The Men,O what venerable and reverend creatures did the...
PV2 John Belfort:
Proud Army Mom: Click here to type.
RTo's of Vietnam.: For all RTo's that carried radio in combat.
Raiders of the lost Ark:
Red Warriors:
Remember Dave!!!!!: Remember David Parker. A fine soldier. And an even finer young man. He kepted us going when we wanted to quite. He kept our spirits up even though...
Steve Valdez: A Battery 26th (TAB) FA , 4th Infantry Division
Sustaining IRAQ: 4th ID wasnt the first in but they are doing all the leg work for future peace keeping missions in Iraq.
Thank You All For Your Service and Our Freedom:
The Original D Troop (D 1/10th Cav): The Original D Troop, 1/10th Cav, formed in Fort Lewis, WA, during 1965-1966. In September, 1966, the unit deployed to Vietnam with other elements...
To Lt. John D. Rochelle: Lt. Rochelle served his country in the utmost and patriotic way a 20 year old young man (he was commissioned at 19) could. He just wanted a little...
Troopers' Angels:
Veteran Viet Nam:
Vietnam Vet:
WE WERE WARRIORS: A Co. 1st Bn 12th Infantry
Your my Hero: On June 10, 1969 my Uncle Jerry was engaged in cover fire for his unit so that they could fall back to safety. When my Uncle went to return to his...
all who has served: god bless all who has served. and died for our freedom..you are true heroes..
blacksheep: HHB 5/29 F.A. 1992-1995
c/co 2-12 inf.:
family in iraq: my son just left for iraq for 1 year.
gtgt: Click here to type.
the lost and found friends: Click here to type. where can I find you? My friend
zxcd: Click here to type.

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