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1st Infantry Division

1st Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion 16th Infantry Regiment

Past Events & Reunions:
  • National Pathfinder Assn Black Hats: No need to be a member of the Assn to attend. Most of our members were Vietnam Pathfinders. http://nationalpathfinderassociation.com/
    - GA
    (09/29/2015 - 10/02/2015)

  • Brotherhood of the 1st Division: Group Foto of BROs. Also meeting is: HHC 1/16 RECON 1965-1970. www.devour29er.com I have a quite extensive database of BRO names.
    Kokomo - IN
    (09/17/2015 - 09/20/2015)

  • 1-18 1967-70 Bravo Company: All Bravo Swamp Rats who served 1967 - 1970 WELCOME. Come to Indianapolis August 7-9 and get together with old buddies, and make new friends. e-mail swampratreunion@gmail.com
    Indianapolis - IN
    (08/07/2015 - 08/09/2015)

  • 16th Infantry Regiment Reunion: Rangers, The 16th Infantry Regiment is holding its annual reunion for 2014 during 4-8 June at Fort Riley/Junction City, KS. The reunion includes a 70th D-Day observance and ceremony, Regimental DMOR/HMOR investiture ceremony, activities with our 2 active battalions and the annual banquet among other events. For more information and to register, please go to http://16thinfassn.org/?page_id=17 or contact Steve Clay at ironranger3@yahoo.com Hope to see you there! Steven E. Clay 1st Vice President 16th Infantry Regiment Association
    Junction City - KS
    (06/04/2014 - 06/08/2014)

  • KOKOMO: "WELCOME HOME" Bro's and Better Haft's attend for this weekend. FYI on Sat. 21st we have teardown in the afternoon. I have a quite extensive roster of RECON Bro's to LQQK thru. We have a meeting at the Holiday Inn Express in the evenings and go out for dinner. See RECON Web Page above and also Visit HCVVO.ORG for the grounds. Be There!
    Kokomo / Greentown - IN
    (09/19/2013 - 09/21/2013)

  • First Infantry Division Reunion:
    Buffalo - NY
    (08/17/2011 - 08/21/2011)

  • Co. C. 2/16 "Rangers" all years: Co. C. 2/16 Ready Now Ranger Reunion is open to 2/16 personel, from any of the years served. This reunion was started by Members who served in 1965 and 1966 during the Vietnam War. There have been some unit members from different years and Companies, that have attended. Family Members are welcome
    Branson - MO
    (06/22/2011 - 06/26/2011)

  • 2/34 ARMOR DESERT STORM REUNION : The reunion is going to be at the Marriott in Junction City, KS on weekend of June 18th 2011. Please contact Steve Light (SL7220@HOTMAIL.COM) for additional information.
    Junction City - KS
    (06/17/2011 - 06/19/2011)

  • 2/34 ARMOR DESERT STORM REUNION : The reunion is going to be at the Marriott in Junction City, KS on weekend of June 18th 2011. Please contact Steve Light (SL7220@HOTMAIL.COM) for additional information.
    Junction City - KS
    (06/17/2011 - 06/19/2011)

  • 2/34 ARMOR DESERT STORM REUNION: We would like that find all of the member of 5/16 Infantry and invite them to the reunion. The reunion is going to be at the Marriott in Junction City, KS on weekend of June 18th 2011. Please contact Steve Light (SL7220@HOTMAIL.COM) for additional information.
    Junction City - KS
    (06/16/2011 - 06/17/2011)

  • Charlie Co 1/18 Inf !st Div Vietnam 67-68:
    Orlando - FL
    (05/12/2011 - 05/15/2011)

  • 2-63 cobra company rough neck reunion: Add yourself as a friend on facebook look for "sarge hithead" you'll find alot of our comrads on there. join the page and leave feedback on the discussion boards. there's also our most recent news about the reunion. Hope to see everyone there
    - NV
    (04/23/2011 - 04/24/2011)

  • 20 Years and Counting:
    Las Vegas - NV
    (02/25/2011 - 02/28/2011)

  • 38th Annual 1st MP Company: 1st MP Company - 2009 Reunion UPDATE FOR BRANSON Attention: 1st MP Company Veterans - All Years Don?t miss out! Get your reservations made now for the Branson Reunion 2009 CALL TODAY! Taunya at B T & T (800)432-4202 Package #22732 Dates are: October 6 - 8 (Tuesday thru Thursday) ANY QUESTIONS CALL ELSIE @(469)964-8324 Posted by Elsie Kroussakis
    Branson - MO
    (10/06/2009 - 10/09/2009)

  • Steel Tigers 77th Armor Association Reunion 2009: All are welcome. Any MOS that served or serves with the 77th may join us.
    San Diego - CA
    (06/24/2009 - 06/28/2009)

  • 1st Military Police Company: This will be the 37th Reunion. This is for all members, present and past, makes no difference. You will have to call the motel, 937-879-2696 to make your reservation before September 7th, 2008. Rates are $65.00 a night plus tax. Make sure you tell the clerk that you will be with the 1st MP Co. If you need more information , feel free to contact me. My reservation is already made.
    Dayton - OH
    (10/07/2008 - 10/09/2008)

  • 1st Div, 2nd Bn, 16th Inf Charlie company reunion:
    Branson - MO
    (06/26/2008 - 06/29/2008)

  • 1st Military Police Company (all years): This reunion is for all former members or family of the company. Reservations must be made by 15 August 2007. Telephone numbers are 256-830-0600 or 800-845-7275. Room rate is $79.00 a night. Make sure you tell the clerk that you are with the 1st Military Police Company group. If you need more information, just contact me.
    Huntsville - AL
    (09/13/2007 - 09/16/2007)

  • 1st Military Police Company: 1st MP Co (all years). I am the host if you need information , please get in touch with me. Ron 1st MP Co 66-68 & 69-70
    Huntsville - AL
    (09/13/2007 - 09/16/2007)

  • 1st Military Police Company (all years): Just a brief comments on this. Room rate is $79.00 a night if 20 or more rooms are booked, if not rate will will $89.00 (plus taxes). You must make you own reservation by calling 1-256-830-0600 or 1-800-845-7275. Cut off date for these rates is 17 August 2007. Make sure you tell the clerk that you are with the 1st Military Police group. There will be an hospitality room for meetings, bull sessions and will contain snacks, sodas, coffee, some souvenirs and yes beer and the harder things. If you need any more information , just get in touch with me. I will get in touch with Linda if any body wants hats or shirts. This is not the reunion that the guys from 64 to 66 hold on their own, this is an invite to you guys and come to join us from all years. Ron 66-68 and 69-70 Big Red One
    Huntsville - AL
    (09/13/2007 - 09/16/2007)

  • Delta/2-16 Infantry: This is D/2-16 17th Reunion, vets 67-69 or other periods of time in Delta/2-16 Alt contact ron.saxton@us.army.mil
    Chapin - SC
    (07/26/2007 - 07/29/2007)

  • 1st Division, 2nd battalion, 16th infantry: Charlie company reunion--C2/16
    Branson - MO
    (06/21/2007 - 06/25/2007)

  • 16th Infantry Reunion : Currently the former members of C/1/16th have banded together to contdcut a reunion for all 16th Infantry Battalion soldier's. This will be our first reunion, and will mark 30 years since we served together. Currently we are in touch with COL Noble and many of the members of Charlie company, and we are looking to make this a Battlion event. So drop me aline if you are interested.
    Washington D.C. - OTHER
    (04/18/2007 - 04/20/2007)

  • 35th Annual 1st MP Company: Call 270-351-1141(Gold Vault Inn) for Reservations Be sure to mention you are with 1st MP Company Group. Contact Bob Strunk 859-384-3343 For more details Co Hosts are: Ed Geiger of Troy, OH Charles Frost of Owensboro, KY For more information on contacting Hosts email Elsie Kroussakis Secretary of 1st MP Company Reunion at dfwmetro75050@verizon.net or call Toll Free 800-284-9407
    Radcliff - KY
    (10/10/2006 - 10/12/2006)

  • 1964-1966 1st MP Co: Other members to contact are John Coleman, 478-272-6827, e-mail colemanj@nlamerica.com or Ron King, 912-285-1942, e-mail ljking@wayxcable.com. The group dinner will be held on Saturday Sep 30th. Cost is $33.00 per person. Send check to Ed Czubernat as soon as possible for the dinner. Room Rate is $89.00 per night plus tax. Make your reservation directly with the hotel. Mention that you are with the 1st MP Company reunion group. Telephone number (s) for hotel will be posted in the message section.
    Jacksonville - FL
    (09/29/2006 - 10/01/2006)

  • 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One): All current and former Big Red One veterans, famil, and guests are invited to this annual event averaging 1,000 participants a year. For more info and on line registration contact the Society of the First Infantry Division at www.soc1id@aol.com and ask for Jennifer Sanford. Welcome Home all !!!
    Phoenix - AZ
    (07/12/2006 - 07/16/2006)

  • 34th Annual Reunion 1st MP Co, 1st Infantry Div: This years Hosts are Bob Strunk and Milt Reese. All Veterans of 1st MP Company unit of 1st Infantry Division are Welcome to attend this Reunion. Events will include visits to Ghost Town, Gold Mine, Lake Havasu City with London Bridge attraction and Shopping. And of course the site is a CASINO! If you cannot catch up with Bob Strunk - call Elsie the Unit Secretary at 800-284-9407 or email ELSIEKROUSSAKIS@peoplepc.com
    Laughlin - NV
    (10/11/2005 - 10/13/2005)

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    (03/17/2005 - 03/17/2005)

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    (01/26/2005 - 01/26/2005)

  • 1st MP Company 31st Annual Reunion: 31st Annual Reunion 1st MP Company, 1st Infantry Div September 2002 (Dates TBA) Florence, KY (Hotel TBA) Hosts: Bob & Ann Strunk Info: (859)384-3343
    Florence - Kentucky
    (09/19/2002 - 09/28/2002)

  • 6th /15th ARTY,Vietnan: It would great to have a reunion , so if anyone out there has any idea on a place or time ;let me know so that I can post it
    Orlando - Orlando Florida
    (02/01/2002 - 02/02/2002)

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