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Histories for 545th MP Co

Memory Lane - SGM Frank Kane
As many of you know, our Association Chaplain, SGM Frank Kane was a long time reporter for the 545th MP Co column of the Saber Newspaper and served in the 545th MP Company in just about every position and section and platoon there was. So Frank, here is a little walk down memory lane for you and for the rest of us to enjoy as well. While with the 545th MP Co, Frank served in Traffic, Road Patrol, POW Collection and Confinement, PMI and just about every platoon and section the 545th had. If I've made any errors Frank, please excuse me. I hope you all enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as I did. This was put together by Sam Reinert, former CO, 545th MP Company and founder of the 545th MP Company Association.

Posted by Richard Burch
Apr 13 2006 01:55:36:000AM

545th MP Company
Cpl Kane with Korean POW?s/laborers in Korea

545th MP Company
PFC Frank Kane on TCP duty in Korea (note how small the jeep looks behind this tall drink of water)

545th MP Company
Cpl Frank Kane (with helmet) on one of the infamous 545th yellow motorcycles in Japan. When one of them wiped out in front of the Div Hqs, the Div CG outlawed them! Boy was Frank disappointed with that!!

Ft Knox MP Company
SGT Frank Kane (center photo) near gate #3 at Ft Knox on road patrol

545th MP Company
SGM Frank Kane shortly before retirement

545th MP Company
SGM Frank Kane at his retirement party

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