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Histories for Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP)

27 Jul HASP Patrols Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki (Richard Burch)
(Page 6 of 6 Pages): In Honolulu, HASP concentrates its patrol effort in two areas. Thes are the Hotel Street area downtown which abounds in bars, cabarets, amusement arcades and so forth and the Waikiki area. Waikiki, the mecca of the tourist, both military and civilian, attracts military... More
22 Apr HASP AWOL Apprehension Section (Richard Burch)
(Page 5 of 6 Pages): The main HASP headquarters also had an AWOL Apprehension Section, needless to say, whose job was to apprehend military personnel who were reported AWOL from their units. The AWOL Apprehension Section once processed a Russian sailors that ran afoul of HPD, picked up AWOL members... More
20 Apr HASP - Motorcycle Traffic Escort Section (Richard Burch)
(Page 4 of 6 Pages): The HASP Motorcycle Traffic Escort Section also performed escort duties all over the island for military convoys to and from training areas and weapons movement. HASP also monitored and responded to alarmed bunkers in Diamond Head that monitored the area for Russian subs during... More [+2 pictures ]
20 Apr HASP - Policing The Island of Oahu (Richard Burch)
(Page 3 of 6 Pages): When any civil type of offense occurred off the post a complete investigation was done by HPD with a HASP representative present. This close tie-in the HPD paid dividends. In the 1949 report to the Police Commissioner of the City and County of Honolulu, Dan Liu, Chief of Police... More
20 Apr HASP - Review of the 1st Year 1948- 1949 (Richard Burch)
(Page 2 of 6 Pages ): HASP, the name the unit is known is unique as an organization since it was the "pilot model" or first venture in operating a joint Army, Navy and Air Force service police force.The advantage of standardized procedures, central control and economy appraent in this initial... More
20 Apr Establishment of the HASP in Oahu - 1948 (Richard Burch)
(Page 1 of 6 Pages ): In June 1948, the Hawaiian Sub-Committee of the National Munitions Board recommended that all military police and shore patrol off-post activities on Oahu be consolidated in a joint operation. Accordingly, the Commanding General, U.S. Army, Pacific; commandant, Fourteenth... More [+1 pictures ]
10 Mar Remembering Hawaii (Richard Burch)
Here are some pictures of Hawaii provided by U.C. Jones, former member of HASP. [+5 pictures ]
03 Jun Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of HASP 1976
Members of the Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP) celebrate the 27th Anniversary of HASP in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1976.Picture provided by Ken Riley, former member of HASP. [+1 pictures ]
03 Jun Group Picture of HASP 1976
(1)Here is a group picture of the Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP) taken in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1976. 1Sgt Heflin is on the far left and Major Ken Riley is on the far right.(2) The other picture was taken cutting the cake for the celebration of the 27th Anniversary of HASP. Pictures provided... More [+1 pictures ]
30 Apr John Wayne visits with members of HASP
John Wayne makes a visit to the Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP) headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here John is talking and signing autographs with the members of HASP. Picture provided by U.C. Jones, former member,HASP. [+1 pictures ]

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