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Histories for 178th SIG CO SPT DET-4 HOI AN

Vung Chua Mountain Signal Site
Vung Chua Mountain, ominously overlooking Qui Nhon Harbor - translated "Ghost Mountain" - has written it's own page in the history of Vietnam. Historically, a resting place for traveling kings, Vung Chua Mountain Signal Site is now the stopping place for all who desire to see the ultimate in tactical communications. On 5 OCT 1965, less than one month after arriving in country, the 586th Signal Company established the Vung Chua Signal Site, now the largest and most complex in Vietnam. The 586th was later deployed to An Khe, when B Company, 41st Signal Battalion, redesignated 232nd Signal Company, assumed responsibility of the site. On 29 SEPT 1971 the colors of the 232nd Signal Company were cased, and the Headquarters of the 261st Signal Company was moved from Tuy Hoa, for that Company to take over this responsibility. This vast communications facility installs, operates, and maintains VHF, Microwave, and Light Tactical Tropospheric Scatter Systems to provide entrance into and relays for this area and defense communications systems in support of Vietnam. Providing communications for units such as the 4th Infantry Division, Phu Cat AFB, the 22nd ARVN Infantry Division, MACV Advisory Teams, and all support units of Qui Nhon Support Command. Vung Chua Signal Site is the key to communications in II CTZ and points north. The basis of the envious record complied on Vung Chua has been the team work and pride of numerous outstanding units. The 232nd Signal Company, providing the nucleus of the site, as well as the finest tactical VHF and technical control facilities in Vietnam, is responsible for the administrative services, which make the site self sufficient. Detachment 2 of the 518th "Can Do" Microwave Company arrived in May, 1970 from the famous 362nd "Deuce" Signal Company. Vung Chua's Detatchment #1 has provided flawless communications in "writing the book" on tropospheric scatter communications in combat operations. Vung Chua's "Deuce" won acclaim for its courageous performance in providing uninterrupted communications during tropical storm "Louise" of October 1970. The Vung Chua Mountain Signal Support Detachment provides long distance automatic dialing with one of the Army's three Tandem Switching Centers in Southeast Asia. Only communications, through the unrelenting efforts of a handfull of highly skilled men, has the ultimate in communications been possible in a combat zone. Of supreme importance to the survival of this site, has been the undaunted, sometimes thankless, and daring efforts of the 61st MP Detachment. Guarding and patrolling a three mile peremiter, the 61st has prevented several penetrations and killed several enemy on night ambushes. Known as the "Portectors of Qui Nhon", the VCM mortar squad has earned a reputation as one of the finest in Vietnam. The outstanding security of this lucrative site speaks well for the efforts of the 61st MP's. On 31 OCT 1970, and again on 31 DEC 1970, Vung Chua Signal Site was awarded the 21st Signal Group Major Signal Site of the Quarter Award for "The highest degree of professionalism and responsiveness in communications" -- a well deserved tribute to the men of Vung Chua Mountain, Vietnam, 1970-1971.

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