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Histories for Co C 504th MP BN

Company C, 504th MP Battalion
On 2 October 1950, the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 504th Military Police Battalion and Companies A, B and C , were reactivated at Fort Gordon, Georgia and for the next 12 years, remained a combat ready military police force that was called many times to deploy throughout the world. The 504th MP BN was in Swift strike 1 and 2 in South Carolina In October 1962, the battalion was restationed to Fort Lewis, Washington. Its time at Ft. Lewis was soon to be interrupted by the Nation's involvement in Vietnam. In August 1965, the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, and Companies A, B and C, 504th Military Police Battalion boarded the troop ship Barrett, in California and entered Cam Rahn Bay on 31 August 1965 and Company A, 504th MP BN disembarked and was transported by truck to Nha Trang. HHD and Companies B and C landed in Qui Nhon, Republic of Vietnam, and for the next seven years, soldiers of the 504th engaged in the seemingly endless struggle against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army and were tasked to enforce military law, order and regulations; to control traffic and stragglers, circulation of individuals and protection of property; to handle prisoners of war; to operate checkpoints and route security; and to fight as infantry as required. The battalion was initially located at Qui Nhon, but moved to Phu Thanh (1967), to Phu Bai (1968), and to Da Nang (13 Aug 1970). The battalion rendered military police support in 1 Corps Tactical Zone under the 16th MP Group and finally moved to Long Binh in April 1972.The battalion was involved in countless operations during this period carrying it from one end of Vietnam to the other, until its redeployment from Vietnam back to the Presidio of San Francisco, California in June 1972, On 3 July 1972, Companies A, B and C , 504th Military Police Battalion were Inactivated, at the Presidio of San Francisco, California. The battalion re-stationed to Fort Lewis, Washington in June 1984. The present day configuration of the 504th Military Police Battalion is a combat Military Police Battalion with a Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment and three line companies; the 66th MP Company, the 170th MP Company and the 571st MP Company. The 504th also fulfills the Law and Order mission for Fort Lewis and Yakima Training Center. "DUTY,JUSTICE AND HONOR"

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