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Histories for Co C 504th MP BN

History of the 504th Military Police Battalion
The 504th Military Police Battalion is a combat Military Police Battalion with a Headquarters Detachment and three line companies A,B,and C, and is the most decorated Military Police Battalion on active duty today. The Battalion was Constituted 29 July 1921, in the Organized Reserves as the 304th MP Battalion.Organized in April 1922 in Tennessee. Inactivated,January 1938 in Tennessee; concurrently, withdrawn from the Organized reserves and allotted to the Regular Army. Redesignated 1 June 1940 as the 504th Military Police Battalion. Activated 15 May 1941 at Fort Sam Houston,TX. The battalion now celebrates this day as its birthday. The 504th had no sooner formed than it began training for its first major challenge. For two years, the battalion prepared for its baptism of fire.Company D,504th Military Police Battalion was inactivated 20 June 1942 at Fort Sam Houston,TX. In February 1943, the 504th was alerted for deployment to Europe, and on 18 March 1943, landed on the beaches of North Africa as part of the first Allied force of World War II to fight against Rommel's Africa Korps. As the battle widened the battalion spread over some 400,000 square miles of desert. As the Africa Korps gradually fell against the combined American-British advance, the 504th assumed control of huge numbers of German prisoners. But the battalion's attention was quickly turned to the north as the Allied force prepared for their first landing on the European continent to strike against the "soft underbelly" of the Third Reich. On 10 July 1943, elements of the 504th joined 800,000 Allied soldiers as part of Operation " AVALANCHE", the Allied landing at Salerno. Soldiers of the battalion had now been combat tested in nearly every type of operation for which the military police were then trained. Later actions of the 504th during World War II included the August 1944 landing in Southern France to support the earlier D-Day invasion of Normandy and its movement across 500 miles in Europe in one month as part of the Seventh Army. Following the Allied victory over the European Axis powers, the battalion was assigned to the Third Army Headquarters in Munich. In 26 months of fighting, the 504th had emerged from World War II as the most decorated MP battalion of the conflict by earning nine battle stars and four bronze arrowheads for amphibious landings. The battalion was Inactivated 20 January 1947,at Heidelberg, Germany. Its colors would not fly again until 1950, with the start of the Korean Conflict.The battalion restationed to Ft. Lewis in June 1984.The present day configuration of the 504th Military Police Battalion is a combat Military Police Battalion with a Headquarters Detachment and three line companies; the 66th MP Company, the 170th MP Company and the 571st MP Company. The 504th also fulfills the Law and Order mission for Fort Lewis and Yakima Training Center. "DUTY, JUSTICE, AND HONOR"

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504th MP BN
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504th MP BN
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