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Histories for 15th Transportation Company

22 Aug 15th Trans (Robert Bood)
83-84 KAL Airlines thought we where going to battle. Reagan was a tough sob. Good memories. Good beer. Huey, Moxnicts, Sgt White, Sgt Rainey, Kane thanks for the ride to freedom.
22 Aug 15th trans (Robert Bood)
Was deployed to Nelligan barracks 83-84. HQ Dispatcher. Drove the slowest deuce in the company. 1st and 3rd platoon. I remember the exercise to Wolfeshausen. Many
24 Feb army (jose rodriguez)
i was there from 70 till 72 was working in the mass hall.
04 Aug 15th herman brady (herman brady)
i drove in c-company
07 Apr 15th Trans Nelligin/Stutgart (James Brutton)
Did 18 mnths,early .82 til late 83 on Nelligin Kaserne,Stutgart. James
22 Feb 15th transportation Flak kaserne (Gregory Lorch)
I was a dispatcher from 1970 to 1972. Is there anyone there at that time
20 Apr 15th (Wally Rose)
I was there at flak with you Bruce, and you Sharpe. Am in touch with; shroeder, adams, sutter. Sp 4 wally rose, 2nd platon; my email is walberg54@aol.com
01 Sep Charles Wilder (Charles Wilder)
I was IN 15th trans. from 79 to 81. I drove the m915. I loved every minute of it, even graffenvoehr.
08 Apr charles sharpe (Charles Sharpe)
I was there from 1968 to 1970 Sterted with duece and halfs then moved to tractor trailers towards the last of my years there
06 Mar 15th (David Bruce)
I Was in the "Heavy Sticks" as well. '68 69' drove #133, had 38,000 miles. My buddy Gary Pearman drove "121. Was the sign "heavy section" still over the doorway? We were on the very top floor. My area was on the right next to the chimany access.In the corner.

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