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Histories for Operation Deep Freeze-Winter Over

02 Nov Det Alpha Winter Over 70 McMurdo (Michael Rice)
Arrived 15 Sept., 1969, departed October 15 1970. Great crew to be associated with. Smooth Seas and Prevailing Winds to all my Shipmates, TRUE OAE'S all. Here's to us and those like us. Damn few. Mike Rice RMCS U.S. Navy (Retired)
18 Jul beardmore station (James Summers)
that was winter over 62
18 Jul beardmore station (James Summers)
had a great experience at beardmore. just three people wintered over there..
20 Jan Winter over Byrd Station 1969 - 1970 (Richard Pillsbury)
Great crew to winter with and one of the most interesting times of my life. Sub-surface station closed now and only used for summer surface support. Sad in many ways that a place one once called home is no longer.
14 May Winter-over Military at McMurdo 1981-82 (Jackson Sheadel)
An adventure worth a 1000 pictures
11 May Winter-over South Pole 1969-70 (Jackson Sheadel)
We had an excelent crew of 28 people in the buried station
24 Dec wintered over Mcmurdo 70-71 CE (David Law)
Dave Law was CE assigned to boiler plant controls and worked with UT's in Mcmurdo 70-71,went to Byrd station ,to man generator for two weeks ,great time at antartica like to hear from people who were there,,
25 Apr WinterOver 84-29th Crew listing (Steven Ball)
LT W.J. Beary OIC LCDR Doc Brice CMC Skip McGeorge UTC Ken Bennight RMC Mike Murphy ETC Steve Ball ETC Dave Dobmeier SKC Steve Floyd PN1 Hal Hart HM1 Geore Sowers AG1 Larry Crayne HT1 Tom Smith AC1 Mike Feeley RM1 Craig Reynolds ET1 Bob Haggerton ET1... More
25 Apr McMurdo Station History Outline
1956- Construction of Hill Cargo, Hut 14 and the Erebus Club 1958- Special services building constructed 1960- C-130s begin operaiton in Antarctica; WinterOver Officer's Club and Cosray station built. 1963- Airstrip constructed on the ice shelf from compacted snow and woater toallow landing of... More

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