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Histories for 2nd Battalion 39th Field Artillery 3rd Infantry Division

15 Oct Sgt D. Lowe (David Lowe)
I was a Medic in HHB from 7-1972 until 1-1976. I also worked at Bn HQ as a Legal clerk, in my secondary MOS.
17 Mar 85-88 (James Apedaile)
I was in HSB 2/39th FA for just over 3 years from Mar 85 - Apr 88 we were located in Larson Barracks, Kitzingen, Germany. I understand shortly after I left (sometime that summer) is when they changed Regiments at least from what I have read. I had some great times while serving there.
11 Jan 2/39 change to 6/41 (Terry North)
My first duty station was in Kitzengen,Germany with the 2/39 FA in July of '87. Unit changed,I believe in '88 to 6/41 FA. Upon being attached to 2/10 FA in Desert Shield/Storm in support of 2nd ACR and 1 st Inf, 6/41 FA was deactivated prior to returning to Germany. This was due in part to the... More
09 Jun 2/39th 3rd ID (Richard Ellis)
Hq Btry 2/39th. 1960-1962. Conn Barracks. Sweinfurt Germany.
22 Mar The Beginning (Billy D. Barber)
The 2/39th FA Bn came to being in 1960. at the time we were in the 1/10th FA which had 5 firing Batteries and were split trails. with the new changes and forming the 2/39 they changed over to SP 105 Howitzers. I went from 1/10 to 2/39 when it was formed. I was not in the firing Batteries but HQ... More
31 Jan 1 SGT (Avery Haqll)
LT Dingle waa myBC LTC Fulbright was Bn CO
07 May 39th Field Arty 1972-1976 (David Lowe)
I was with the 39th from July-1972- until Jan.-1976, at Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt, Germany. She was a proud unit!! I hear it has been deactivated.
21 Dec Fun Times (Richard Ellis)
HQ 2/39th Conn Barracks 1960-1962. Richard Ellis
02 Oct went regiment (Richard Gallagher I I)
I was lucky left in june of 88 right before the change over in july
16 Mar 2/39 change overt to 6/41fa, kitzingen. (Robert Hilliard)
Mike is correct on the history, i was with c-239fa from 83 to 91 when we changed to 641 fa. I remember because i was the supply daddy in C-2/39fa (lots of paper work). I'm not sure if the unit wound up in scweinfurt after i left for conus. But when we came back from desert storm we went back to... More

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