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Histories for 572nd trans co Gypsy Bandits

History of the 57th Transportation Battalion
The 57th Transportation Battalion deployed to the Republic of Vietnam in the fall of 1967. After elevewn months of operation in Quang Tri Province, the battalion moved to Chu Lai on 28 November 1968, where it undertook to provide transportation, supply and service, and direct support maintenance for the Army's largestactive duty division, the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal). The battalion provided similar services to the other US military non-division and free world assistance forces in the Chu Lai area. For the next twenty-six months, the battaliontransported cargo all over Military Region I, often at considerable hazard to convoy personnel. Among other things, it operated such diversified functions as a field laundry, a bakery, frozen storage areas, helicopter refueling points, a POL battalion, but when all was said and done, the battalion was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation for its outstanding accomplishments during the period of December, 1968 to March, 1970. No sooner had the ceremonty taken place then the battalion recieved orders to proceed to Quang Tri in support of the ARVN incursion into Laos (Operation Dewey Canyon II/ Lam Son 719). Thirty hours later, the battalion headquartersmoved and was operational in its new home at Quang Tri, RVN. It commenced cargoand POL operations throughout Northern Military Region I from Tan Ny to Khe Sanh. During this time, under extremely adverse road and enemy conditions, the battalion established itself at Quang Tri Combat Base, and by mid-March was reaching ninety to one hundred thousand ton miles daily. Over two hundred individual awards were made to members of the battaloin during Operation Lam Son 719. Currently, the battalion is located at Camp Haskins, Da Nang. It's misson constitutes port clearance, local drayage, and line hual operations throughout Military Region I. Units assigned and their missions are as follows: Headquartes and Headquarters Detachment, which constitutes the battalion staff and support section; the 62nd Transportation Company , which has the primary mission of clearing Da Nang's Deep Water Pier and Bridge LST Ramp, local delivery and backhaul; the 363rd Transportation Company and the 572nd Transportation Company, which provides the northern line haul capability, normally operating in convoy fron Da Nang through the Hai Van Pass to Phu Bai and Quang Tri, and the 563rd Transportation company which operates convoys from Chu Lai to Da Nang and providesport clearance and motor transport services at Chu Lai. The battaloinalso orperates the Trailer Transfer Points at Da Nang, Chui Lai, and Phu Bai. The battalion motto:"Providing with Mobility" has been echoed throughout Military Region I by the more than eight hundred men who drive and maintain tractors of the 57th. This history incert has been taken directly out of the 57th Transportation BN (medium truck) Vietnam 1971 book.

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