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Histories for Wharton Barracks Heilbronn, Germany

14 Dec Loren Eng E-Mail address is lseng@cablen (Loren Eng)
I was stationed at Wharton Barrocks in 1953-1954
14 Dec 28th infantry division (Loren Eng)
I was stationed at Wharton Barrocks from Feb. 1953 to Aug. 1954. Would like to hear from anyone there at that time.
10 Nov Serve from 84 to 85 (Lowell Brooks)
Station at Wharton Barracks, assigned to B-Co 44th signal battalion. Email address ltbrooks@bop.gov
28 Oct Note from Gary in germany (Gary Maffioli)
Like to hear from anyone who was at Wharton Bks from 78 - 80. PLease contact me under gary.maffioli@freenet.de
09 Aug Wharton Barracks (Robert David Wright)
If you were there, please contact me at email: rdw971@hotmail.com
09 Aug 26th Signal Battalion, DetII and Alfa Company (Robert David Wright)
Served At Wharton Barracks from September, 1977 thru December, 1979 with 26th Signal Battalion. First With Alfa Company and then Second Detachment. Great time, even though we went to the field a lotl. Good ol' days.
25 May b co 44th sig 78 thru 81 (Clarence ' Eric' Bell)
i remember the masonic balls at the NCO club, i remmember good because i was the DJ, and what happen to that dj named charlie brown.
24 May Wharton Barracks and the 56th Med Battalion (Bill Thomas)
I was stationed at Wharton Barracks with the 595th Med Co. Clearing, part of the 56th Med Bn from mid 1966- early 1967. My wife and I lived on the "economy" as they said then. This means we lived off base. The apartment we rented was in a buikling on Bismarckstrasse with about 4 floors only a... More
14 Jan co. A 26th signal batt. (Mike Plautz)
I was there from jan. 1972 thru nov. 1973 , anybody else there about the same time and remembers lt. katagahara . what an as_hole or maybe capt. parrish he was alright our C. O. or sgt probert . we sure had some good times there,down by the pool and MOM's deli right of post or maybe shit park or... More
07 Oct Heilbronn today (Lars Tellmann )
http://www.flickr.com/photos/zeituhr/sets/72157594388650601/ Heilbronn today Ludwigsburg http://flakkaserne.fl.funpic.de/index.html

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