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Histories for Society of the Fifth Division

26 Dec 5th Infantry Division (United States) (Rodney Brewer)
5th Infantry Division (United States) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise... More
16 Aug 75th Support Battalion
Under construction [+1 pictures ]
16 Aug Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
additional text will be included here with details regarding this award made to members of the 1st Brigade. [+1 pictures ]
15 Aug Trp A, 4/12 Cav - Troop Commanders '68-'71 Quang Tri, RVN
Troop A, 4th Squadron, 12th Cavalry (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized) Capt. Errol D. Alexander, July-October 1968; Capt. Kenneth G. Carlson, October 1968-March 1969; Capt. Larry R. Robinson, March-September 1969; Capt. William C. Kaufman, September-November 1969; Capt. Matthias A.... More
15 Aug 1st BN, 77th ARMOR BN Commanders '68-'71 Quang Tri, RVN
1st Battalion, 77th Armor (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized) Lt. Col. John M. Pickarts, July-December 1968; Lt. Col. Carmelo P. Milia, December 1968-May 1969; Lt. Col. Thomas A. Miller, Jr., June-December 1969; Lt. Col. Niven J. Baird, December 1969-June 1970; Lt. Col. John T.... More
15 Aug 1st BN 61st INF - BN Commanders '68-'71 Quang Tri, RVN
1st Battalion, 61st Infantry (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized) Lt. Col. Bernard D. Wheeler, July-December 1968; Lt. Col. David E. Hartigan, January-July 1969; Lt. Col. John W. Swaren, Jr., July 1969 June 1970; Lt. Col. Richard A. Scholtes, June 1970-February 1971; Lt. Col. Arnold S.... More
15 Aug 1969 Replacement Detachment Welcome Sign
This is the Welcome Sign that greeted me in August of 1969. It was taken down and replaced with a new sign in early (possibly January) 1970. Both signs may be seen enlarged on my tribute pages to the 1st Brigade and Division... More [+1 pictures ]
15 Aug 1970 1st Brigade Welcome Sign
In late 1969 or early '70 we had several changes of Detachment Commanders. The old sign was replaced, then Captain Galindo, enclosed the Repl. Det. in barb wire, engineer stakes and tangle foot. Real fighting positions were developed around the perimeter and armed internal security patrols made... More [+1 pictures ]
15 Aug 1st Brigade Commanders '68-'71, Quang Tri, RVN
1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized (XXIV Corps) Col. Richard J. Glikes, July-October 1968; Col. James M. Gibson, October 1968 June 1969; Col. John L. Osteen, Jr., June-December 1969; Brig. Gen. William A. Burke, January-July 1970; Brig. Gen. John G. Hill, Jr., July 1970-May 1971; Brig.... More

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