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Histories for 14th Quartermaster (QM) Battalion

14 QM Bn - History, Lineage & Honors
In July 1961 I was assigned to the 14th Quartermaster Battalion, headquartered in Babenhausen, Germany. Shortly after I arrived, the Berlin Wall went up and we went on full alert. The pace was frenetic and didn?t slack for any of us until several years later. The 14th provided direct support to units of the U.S. V Corps and other combat units in the Northern Area Command. Our mission included providing rations, expendable items, uniforms/clothing and personal equipment, and petroleum supplies as well as laundry, showers & bath, graves registration, canvas & typewriter repair services. The 14th ran about a dozen clothing sales stores and also operated one of only two mobile bakeries in the European Theater. We had broad responsibilities and stayed busy. LINEAGE & HONORS The 14th Quartermaster Battalion traces its history to 13 January 1941 when it was constituted and activated at Connecticut State Military Reservation. The battalion deployed to the European Theater and participated in the Northern France and Rhineland campaigns. Following World War II, the 14th Quartermaster Battalion was deployed to Japan and served there until 15 June 1947. The battalion was again activated 17 January 1949, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, deployed to Europe and assigned to garrison at Muenster (Hessen), Germany. Its organization consisted of the HHD and several functional companies -- 214th QM Bakery Co, Darmstadt 134th QM Co (Mobile Bakery), Babenhausen 22nd QM Co (Subsistence Supply), Hanau 506th & 520th QM Companies (POL Supply), Hanau 511th QM Co, Wuerzburg 471st QM Salvage Platoon, Muenster plus several Clothing Sales Stores. The 14th was reorganized 15 September 1961into HHD, Companies A and B and redesignated a direct support battalion following the standard design. HHD and Company A were assigned garrison in Babenhausen, Germany, serving at the World War I kaserne located there. Company B was assigned to the Hutier Kaserne in Hanau, Germany. Each company included a Supply Platoon providing subsistence, clothing and other Class II & IV supplies, a POL Platoon, a Laundry & Bath Platoon, a Graves Registration Platoon and an Equipment Repair Section. Inventory Control was run out of Verdun, France. Each company?s MTOE was augmented with additional manpower necessary to discharge their unique in-theater responsibilities (company total strength was about 11 Officers and 470 enlisted men), making the battalion?s strength at its heyday around 1000 soldiers. The battalion was again reorganized 2 August 1965 and redesignated the 14th Supply and Service Battalion. Military history records do not show its inactivation date, but it is presumed to have followed somewhat later.

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