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Histories for 85TH USAFAD(1985-1989)

04 Mar I was a 71L and worked in the office (Thomas Sperduti)
I WAS ONLY THERE a couple of months and I worked with Sgt. Geary and this dude named Crowe. b I use to get pissed off when the weekend would come and I'd be ready to hit Frankfurt then they would confine us to the barracks for the weekend because some protesters would be outside the gate and that... More
04 Apr History of 85th USAFAD (Tim Gustafson)
The 85th U.S. Army Field Artillery Detachment was constituted in the U.S. Army in November 1966 at Fort Sill, Okla. as the 85th U.S. Army Missile Detachment. The detachment was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 79th Artillery. In November 1968, the unit was reassigned to the 2nd Battalion, 44th... More
15 Sep Pershing I & II (Jack Allmon Jr.)
The 85th U.S.A.F.A.D. was small unit inside the E-3A nato base in Geilenkirchen,Germany.It was home to 4 teams of warhead specialists and pershing missile crewman.1 headquaters unit,1 M.P.unit and 1 signal corps unit. These 7 small teams equal the size of 1 feild artillery firing battery.Pershing... More
21 Nov Wrong Airfield (Lou Ferrao)
It was 1981 and the runway lights was being tested for the first time (it was really foggy). Since the base was not yet operational for the E3A's there was no support for any type of aircraft. I was standing on the runway with a few German officers when the lights were turned on and I have to... More

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