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Histories for Marine Barracks Hawaii- Guard Company Westloch

02 Apr SGT Washington 81-85 West Loch (Danny Washington)
Anybody remember me? I was into running. I remember the pink bellies, standing guard during Hurricane Eva and many good memories. Trying to get info on the reunion in Vegas this October. sfcdanny13619@aol.com
31 Mar New West Loch (Toni Dupree)
Arrived in 83 and moved to new barracks that spring. We had Navy on one side and Marines on the other. I was in the Navy and this was my first duty station. Married Cpl Gregory Dupree and still with him. Yes we did have good times in the new barracks.
21 Sep Wild times at Westlock (larry lank)
Been sitting here reading some of the posts Back in the 80s. Wow the flashbacks
21 Sep Wild times at Westlock (larry lank)
Been sitting here reading some of the posts Back in the 80s. Wow the flashbacks
27 Aug Crazy Times-John Klein 84-86 (john klein)
It seems like an eternity ago now. I remember all those early morning runs, half drunk from the night before, and catching 2 hours or less of sleep. I remember Alton always trying to drop a giant centipede in your bunk or shoe when out at some remote naval mag. We had a dog we kept out there we... More
28 Dec Pink Bellies (James Crutcher)
J. Crutcher, remember those back in 83 when I arrived, never had one, our group of 13 stuck together. Still married to P. ludena married in Ewa Beach church, a lot of you were there, anything for free beer, I remember Calderon took pics, best man was Rickard, reading this memories brings back... More
30 Jul Briner's passing--Campbell Industrial Park (Wayne Philips)
Recall with sadness the death of Briner at the Campbell Industrial Park Raceway--he flipped his yellow ?duster?. Sad day for us all. Kruger was his best friend but was not allowed to escort the body home for some reason.
13 Jan living in the open squad bay barrack. (JOSE FLORES)
in 1969, we lived by the bay. the mosquitos loved us in the summer. We had formal guard mount every day and junk on the bulk inspections every weekend. I remember a guy call Rudy, Chief, Frank Greene. Er won the softball champship in 1970.
25 Apr Westloch Guard company 1961 (Fred Hagman)
Stationed there with approximate 40 Marines, Names that come to me, Todd Macarther, Harry Dibiase, Randy Ross (tyler Texas) Staley, a guy I went to Kaneohe with Roy force, a few names I left after doing one year there. Great olace, Pool in the Back. would love to go back and see the place now. most... More
07 Aug Finally a real alert in the LA. (Terry Owen)
Standing guard post 10 the entry control point in the LA. Richard Tillman (Bob) and I were shooting the breeze when we herd one of the towers calling on the radio about people outside our post. We looked out the small portholes and saw a woman and two little children walking towards us. The... More

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