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Histories for Mainz Memories

Mainz/Gonsenheim -Robert E Lee Barracks
Arriving at Lee Barracks on 04-11-1960, Was an experience not lost for words. For one thing all new personal assigned to the 1st Bn 505th Airborne Infantry (Seperate) were restricted to the post for 10 days. And when you finally did get to leave Lee Barracks it was in a Suite and Tie. (Don't forget this was just 12 short years after WWII) (No Blue Jeans allowed) The men of the 505th and 504th were the best dressed military personnal at the time. When you left the barracks you look sharp and felt good about your self. Of course the duty was not always the best. Like the time we dropped into to Poe France and was stranded for 8 days because the French Foreign Legion, was going to invade France. Or on my wedding day when the Berlin Wall went up. And a small party was sent to France. That was a day to remember. But most of all I remember the men I served with in the 505th. Col Mattaxis, Curt Hillmandel, Russell, Hazel Lewis, Smitty, Ray, MacDaniel (The Enginner), Captain Herbert, and all the rest assigned to the 505th Airborne infantry at Lee Barracks. Leaving Robert E. Lee Barracks and returning to the Conus on 12 Oct 1963. Just as the 509th was being formed and personnal were being shifted around. This assignment was the best of all during the 24 years of active duty. So for all who serves today Thank You Edward L. Richards 1SG USAR

Posted by Edward Richards
Jul 22 2007 07:21:06:000PM

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